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A few months ago I did a big cleanup and updating of, but there were two areas that I didn’t get to: the “Huh?” pages, and the Big Country pages. I’ve finally finished cleaning up the Big Country pages, and I added two polls: a best song poll, and a best album poll. I announced them the other day on the Big Country email list, and I’ve gotten about 30 responses so far.

I managed the Big Country email list for a few years, but I gave it up in 2000 when my ISP’s majordomo server crashed and they decided not to fix it. Back then there weren’t all these free web tools for discussion forums, and my enthusiasm had waned by that point anyway, so someone else took it over. The list lives on now as the Yahoo Big Country group.

For those who may not know, Big Country was very active until Stuart Adamson commited suicide in 2001. They recorded a total of 8 albums. The last couple were not as strong as their early albums, but 1993’s “Buffalo Skinners” was as good as their work from the early 80s.

Now for those “Huh?” pages….


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    John P. Speno June 8, 2004

    Keep your hands off my power supply? Run Runaway? Weer All Crayze?

    Oh wait, that was that other scottish band…

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    Anthony Robertson July 1, 2004

    I had always thought of Big Country as a one hit wonder. I went back and listened to their first album all the way through. It is still really good. Thanks for the memory.

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