The blog probably will be quieter than usual this week as I’m in the midst of some upgrades to I’m installing Gallery for managing all the photos, and I’m configuring Movable Type to manage all my static pages (I’m already using Movable Type for this blog – you can also use it as a primitive content management system, as described by Brad Choate).

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    PatW February 22, 2005

    I did that for a couple sites when I first started using MT so drop me a line if you run into any snags.

    Having said that I don’t think I would use Movable Type as a CMS again. Other tools have really moved way beyond it in offering that level of functionality. I’m currently using Textpattern ( and liking it a lot. Also the new version of WordPress ( has a great Pages feature where any entry can either be a blog entry or a static page. Might be worth a look. Both will import MT’s entries. They are however not Perl.

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