This is probably my geekiest post ever: the other day I finally got my Commodore 64 up and running with Contiki and RR-Net. It took some doing to get it talking to my router, but I finally succeeded. I have to hand it the the folks who developed the hardware and software for this, considering that the electronics in a C64 are less sophisticated than what you’d find in your average gas pump these days.

The web browser is text-only; it’s similar to Lynx. I haven’t used a text-only browser in years, and I found it amazing how few sites support them now. Google was the only major site I found that didn’t look like a big undecipherable mess.

For the fun of it, I’m going to try to make my C64 available on the web for a while, using the Contiki web server (my ISP doesn’t allow you to run a web server, but maybe I can sneak it through with some port switching – we’ll see). For security reasons, I’d normally never consider running a web server from my personal computer, but I figure there are probably zero “known exploits” for a C64 web server!

Here are some pictures:

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