More WordPress Hacking

The clever little URL rewrite I mentioned earlier is now out the window. I noticed the URLs it generated weren’t technically correct (with a slash between index.php and the URL argument) but they worked, so I let it be. That was a few weeks ago, and in that time, not unexpectedly, all my old Movable Type URLs disappeared from Google. But they haven’t been replaced by the new ones – except for the top page, my blog is not in Google anymore. I’m guessing Googlebot didn’t like how I was doing the URL rewriting. So I’ve shuffled things around, and now my blog really is in the “blog” directory, and hopefully Googlebot will like that better. Unfortunately, that means I can’t use WordPress to manage pages outside the blog directory. But I’ve realized that doesn’t matter much, as I’ll eventually fold the Kai and wedding pages into Coppermine, and the Route 50 pages into the blog, so there won’t be many static pages left.

I’ve also become active in the WordPress forums – I explained how to get past the bugs that have been plaguing a lot of folks trying to use psnGallery (it’s a plugin that gives you easy access to Coppermine photos from within WordPress) and how to fix a bug with sorting the WordPress archive listings (the WP folks have since released their own bug fix).

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