“Less Is More” Theme, with CSS Drop Down Menus

New design, with drop down menus

New design, with drop down menus


If you do a Google search for “CSS drop down menu”, you’ll find a number of examples that have been provided by well meaning folks. I wasted a lot of time with them. With only one exception, they were either:

  1. Poorly modularized, in that if I included their stylesheet and javascript files, and then dropped their menu markup inside a div in my design, my page would explode into a million pieces, or
  2. They relied on 100+ lines of javascript, which seems really unnecessary in the age of CSS (except for IE’s lack of CSS support for hovering with anything other than an anchor tag), or
  3. If I scrolled through the submenu items, the hover color on the top menu item would disappear, resulting in a goofy menu display (that’s a problem most don’t know how to solve without javascript though, including me).

The one exception was the CSS Express Drop Down Menu, which was the seventh or eighth one I tried. It has only one small javascript function (to patch the IE hover problem), the xhtml and css aren’t unnecessarily complicated, and the css is very well documented. It even includes special handling for the notorious IE5 for Mac. After dropping in the code, I just had to spend about 20 minutes tweaking the css for fonts, colors, and padding to fit my design, and now I’m good to go. If you’re looking for a good CSS drop down menu, this is the one to use!

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