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The new design I'm working on for toppa.com

The new design I'm working on for toppa.com


I’ve been busy working on a new design for toppa.com – this is a screenshot of it. My site is cluttered with a ton of links that really are more distraction than anything else. My design is inspired by the simple and clean open source “Cash” design. As you can see, I want to go even simpler (the CSS for Cash is also needlessly complicated, so I simplified that too). I’ve been using a lot more photographs in my posts over the past year, so I want to maximize the available width for pictures, but still be friendly to low-res monitors. Put all that together, and it means the sidebar has to go.

One part I still have to work on is rollover menus for the top navigation. The header area can be overlaid with a tag cloud, blogroll, etc. if someone wants to look at them. Otherwise, they’re neatly hidden away. After that I need to convert it into a WordPress theme, but I think that part will be easy.

Let me know what you think. If there’s any interest I’ll be happy to make a downloadable version – just leave me a comment.


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    John Speno August 22, 2007

    i read via bloglines so your CSS is meaningless to me. 🙂

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    Pat W August 23, 2007

    BTW the Left side google ads totally break you page with a small monitor width (I normally read you blog from Sage which has a sidebar), It shoves your entire main content below the ad.

    I really like the new design. I need to refresh mine. I’ve mocked up 5 new designs and by the time I’m about ready to code I’m sick of the design already.

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    Mike August 23, 2007

    Thanks for letting me know about the ad Pat. I’ve removed it. It was obnoxious anyway.

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