New Home For mPicasaIntegration

mPicasaIntegration is no longer available for download on my site. Björn Teichmann now has it, and you can download it from his site. Björn started with my fixed version, and has added some new features. He plans to continue working on it. As I mentioned before, I made some fixes to it after its original author stopped working on it. I decided not to do any further work on it though, as its design is not something I want to stick with (It downloads the images from Picasa and stores them on your server. I’d rather just point to the images on Picasa, which lets me scale the images arbitrarily, and then I don’t have to worry about going over my disk quota either.) Since then I’ve started working on my own plugin, but I probably won’t finish it until sometime after I return to the US (i.e. sometime this summer).

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