…And Now Shashin 2.0.3

In version 2.0.2 I updated Shashin to accommodate changes in the Picasa RSS feed. The feed changes had caused images to stop displaying after you synced your albums in Shashin. I fixed that, but what I didn’t notice was that they also changed how videos are represented in the feed, so version 2.0.2 still doesn’t display videos after you sync your albums. Someone kindly pointed out the problem, so I’ve fixed it – Shashin 2.0.3 is now available at wordpress.org.


  1. Christian Abele March 26, 2008

    Oh yes, you are the best. i will thank you for your great work. Now i will work a few days,weeks, month with this plugin and when it works like im thinking about it, i would like to donate some bugs 😉

  2. Christian Abele March 26, 2008

    lol, im still having a problem yet, when im clickin on a video, it opens the preview pic like all the other images, it doesnt link to watch in picasa.

    And one other thing, i open a album with your new feature since 2.0, thumnails of all the pictures in a album. For that i have to make a site with the [salbumphotos] tag. Now, i have to write the heading too. Is it possible to write automatically the albums Name as Header (dynamicaly) ?

  3. Mike March 26, 2008

    Hi Christian – did you synchronize the album again after upgrading to 2.0.3? You will need to do that in order to fix the video links.

    The title of the page containing the salbumphotos tag will have the title of the album dynamically added to it. I think WordPress requires the page to have a title of it’s own as well. You can use something generic, like “Album Photos” or “Gallery.” Then the page title will come out as “Album Photos: Trip to the Arctic” (whatever the title of your album is).

  4. Christian March 26, 2008

    Hey Mike, yes i have synchronized it, the video previes picture is shown and on click to it, the preview pic went open with highslide.

    you can look on it here (http://sleephead.de/wordpress/?page_id=18)

    And the ALbum title isnt behind the Pagetitle automatically.

  5. Mike March 26, 2008

    Hi Christian – I see the problems, but I’m not sure why they are happening. I see that you are not getting the Highslide navigation controls either. If you try the videos on my home page, they are working ok, so my hunch is there’s something in your setup that is conflicting with Shashin in some way. One possibility is a conflict with mygallery and lightbox (I saw in your HTML that you have them installed too). Try temporarily disabling mygallery and lightbox and see if that makes a difference. Also, could you tell me which version of WordPress you are using?

  6. Christian March 27, 2008

    OK i will try i whole new installation of shashin, which tables in the SQL DB are from Shashin, are they only wp_shashin_photo and wp_shashin_album ?

    I will clean my whole WordPress and SQL DB from Shashin for a new installation.

    Then im trying to install it without having the other plugins activated.


  7. Mike March 27, 2008

    Hi Christian – yes, those are the only tables. I don’t know if you need to do a whole new installation – maybe first try deactivating mygallery and see if that helps. Also, what is your WordPress version? I’ve never tested Shashin in versions of WordPress prior to 2.0.2.

    Let me know how it goes.

  8. Marcus April 1, 2008

    Hi Christian, you did a great work on your plugin. I try to sync the albums on Picasa. The URL is http://picasaweb.google.de/marcus.bungert but when I add this URL to the Manage/Shashin add albums dialog, I alway get the message “Failed to add albums. This was probably a bad connection trying to read the RSS feed. Please try again.”

    If I use the .com URL which is in my browser possible too, Shashin tells me “That is not a valid Picasa URL”.

    What am I doing wring?


  9. Mike April 1, 2008

    Hi Marcus – My name is Mike 🙂

    Under the Options menu, you need to set your Picasa server to http://picasaweb.google.de

    Then under the Manage menu, put in the URL for your albums – http://picasaweb.google.de/marcus.bungert

    Let me know if that helps.

  10. James April 2, 2008

    I am having the same problem as Marcus, but I am in the U.S. and using the normal http://picasaweb.google.com.

    Any idea what I am missing?


  11. Mike April 2, 2008

    Hi James – if you’re using the new 2.5 version of WordPress, you’ll need to install the new version of Shashin I just posted – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/shashin/

    If that doesn’t fix the problem, let me know.

  12. James April 2, 2008

    Mike, thanks for the quick response. Awesome work on the plugin.

    Yes I am using 2.5, I updated and I am able to add the album but get this error:
    Album metadata added, but failed to add photos. This was probably a bad connection trying to read the RSS feed. Please try again.


  13. Mike April 2, 2008

    Hi James – I don’t have a quick answer for that error – it’s an unusual one (it basically means Shashin was able to parse the RSS feed for your albums, but then couldn’t parse the RSS feed for the photos in a particular album; normally if it fails, it just fails at the beginning with the main albums feed). Would you mind giving me the URL of the Picasa album you tried to add? Also, please let me know your PHP version. The first thing to try is for me to add your album on my site (just temporarily) and see if I have any problems. That way we can make sure the problem isn’t something on the Picasa side.

  14. Gilson July 7, 2008

    Hi Mike, I have the same problem that James says.

    My album:

    In Plugin setup I put this server: http://picasaweb.google.com.br

    The error message:
    This is not a valid URL (or something like that).

  15. Mike July 9, 2008

    Hi Gilson – this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. I just tested changing my “Your Picasa server” setting on my site to http://picasaweb.google.com.br and it saved ok for me. Are you using Shashin 2.1?

  16. Vlad July 10, 2008


    Love the plugin.

    I am just trying to set it up now.

    One question:

    Lets say I have a picasa Album that has 20 sub-albums in it.

    I need one page to display thumbs for all albums ( I know how to do this)

    I need one page to hopefully display all images in all albums ( dont know how to do this)

    I need a page for each album to display all photos in specific albums ie one for each subalbum.


  17. Cypforum August 2, 2008

    I like very much the writings and pictures and explanations in your adress so I look forward to see your next writings. I congratulate you.

  18. kassad August 14, 2008

    The problem with Shashin being unable to add albums often is a problem with the hoster who does not allow to execute fsockopen()-commands. It’s the case with almost all free hosts. You can’t do anything about that but ask the server owner…

  19. dimz August 24, 2008

    Nice plugin, just what I need. But i have some problem when trying to sync my albums. “It goes like this: Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to picasaweb.google.com:80 (Connection timed out) in /home/cbae/domains/cbae.be/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/class-snoopy.php on line 1157” followed by the Shashin error message: “Failed to sync albums. This was probably a bad connection trying to read the RSS feed. Please try again.” It worked perfectly when I was using it on my test server, but now that I’ve uploaded it, it doesn’t work anymore. By googling I found that fsockopen function is sometimes diabled for security reasons. Could it be another problem ?

  20. Mike August 24, 2008

    Hi dimz – the previous comment from Kassad is right – you need will fsockopen enabled to use Shashin (I’ll add this to the “known issues” list).

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