Deko Boko 1.0 Now Available – A WordPress Contact Form Using reCAPTCHA

My thanks to everyone who tried out the beta release of Deko Boko. I received a lot of useful feedback, which led to some of the features and fixes in the 1.0 release of Deko Boko, now available for download at I’ve added:

  • A selector for using different reCAPTCHA widget themes, as well as support for custom CSS for the reCAPTCHA widget.
  • Support for multiple, custom contact forms.
  • “CC Me” option for users to receive a copy of the message they submit to you.
  • Protection from cross-site scripting attacks.

See the Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "deko-boko-wordpress-plugin" for further details.

Important note to upgraders: you will need to deactivate and then reactivate Deko Boko after you upload the new files.


  1. Jay Lane August 7, 2008


    I’m using the contact form on several of my Web sites. I just realized tonight that the form in IE 7 is not displaying properly. The email address line appears up to the right of the “Name” field above the “CC” checkbox.

    It looks great in Firefox. I thought I’d see if this was something you’ve heard from others. I downloaded the newest update today. I removed the old one first and then installed the new one.

    You can see my page at

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll have to find another plugin if I can’t get your help. I know a little bit about PHP but my knowledge is really basic.

    Best regards,

    Jay Lane

  2. Mike August 9, 2008

    Hi Jay – I just released Deko Boko 1.1, which should take care of this problem. If you still see a problem after upgrading, please let me know.

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