Shashin 1.1 Incompatible with WordPress 2.3.3

WordPress 2.3.3 was released about a week ago. I haven’t upgraded yet, but I just heard from a Shashin user that Shashin isn’t working with the new version. It sounds like it actually breaks the whole site – that you’ll only get a blank page until you deactivate Shashin. I will install the new WordPress version today so I can start investigating what the problem is.

I actually have version 1.2 of Shashin almost ready. One major change is that I completely rewrote the parser for the Picasa RSS feed (so it’s no longer relying on my hacked version of the old WordPress rss-functions.php file). If I’m lucky, whatever the problem is with 1.1’s compatibility is already gone in my 1.2 code. But I’m not counting on it 😉 .

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