Fresh Support Thread for My Other Plugins

Use this post for support questions about Deko Boko, Koumpounophobia, or Post-to-Post Links II.

I just posted a minor upgrade to for Koumpounophobia, which fixes a CSS display issue with the dialog editor. Also, Koumpounophobia and Post-to-Post Links II now include Russian translations, thanks to Fatcow. And Deko Boko has a new Italian translation, thanks to Raneri web design.


  1. Hikari January 2, 2010

    Hey great plugin! This seems the ultimate internal-link solution!! I was long searching for a plugin that would allow linking categories and tags!

    Tomorrow I’m gonna install it and do some tests. I have 2 improvement suggestions:

    1) instead of using “text parameter” for the anchor text, use the shortcode content, this way we can add anything with more freedom, as images and other HTML elements, being able to use single and double quotes freely.

    2) Add another parameter, so that we can add #section to the link, and this way point to specific areas of the post. If post permalink is, it would become

  2. Mike January 3, 2010

    Thanks Hikari. I don’t think it’s possible to “use single and double quotes freely” with the WordPress shortcode syntax. It requires a x=”y” format, or x=’y’. The parsing is good – if you delimit with double quotes, you can use single quotes in the content, and vice versa. But you can’t have both single and double quotes in the content at the same time (unless you use entities).

    I haven’t tried using an image – that’s a good idea – I’ll see what I can do with it. Your #section suggestion is also a good idea. Thanks!

    I’m also planning to add an auto-completer, so if you start typing a post slug, it’ll try to match it to an actual slug for you.

  3. Hikari January 6, 2010

    I’ve took a look on your code and I was impressed with it, great quality and pleasurable to read.

    I didn’t have time, but I’m willing to tweak it. Currently I use cref to inter-post linking, but it is orphaned. Your plugin is great and they work together without conflict, so I’m gonna use it from now on.

    Category and tag linking was really something I was badly needing. I use to make large posts and I already have a table of contents building plugin, I’m gonna develop a full featured one this year and section linking inside posts links is also becoming a need 🙂

    I’m just finishing an iteration of my theme development and I’m gonna publish a post and then work on your plugin. If you want, I can share my code so that you add it to your distribution. My ideas are not hard to implement anyway 🙂

    About my suggestion 1), what I meant is that, for a link building, we have more freedom using [shortcode]link "content"[/shortcode] than [shortcode text='link "content"'], even though both approatches work.

  4. Mike January 6, 2010

    Hi Hikari

    Thanks for explaining about the shortcodes – that’s a really good idea. I’m busy working on one of my other plugins right now, so it may be a while before I get back to Post to Post Links. Any enhancements you’d like to make are very welcome. If you send them to me I can incorporate them, and I’ll give you credit.

  5. Hikari January 8, 2010

    Ok, I had a problem on my development environment and it will take some time to fix, so I’ll just rollback to stable version and work on your plugin so that I can start using it.

    Where can I send my contribution to?

  6. Hikari January 9, 2010


    I added a changelog explaining what I’ve changed.

    I forgot to add 8) added some validation checks for when passed ip or slug is not found in database

    I did some tests and everything seems working fine and consistent 🙂

  7. Mike January 10, 2010

    Thanks very much Hikari. I will try it out – if all goes well I will incorporate your changes into the next release. Thanks very much for your contribution!

  8. Jim January 24, 2010

    When I try to add multiple recipient addresses using comma delimiting, it either only sends the email to the first address, or none of them.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

  9. Mike January 24, 2010

    Hi Jim – Sorry you’re having trouble. Deko Boko uses the wordpress wp_mail function to send the emails, and it is designed to accept multiple addresses separated by commas. You’re probably having one of two problems:

    1. The messages are being sent, but are ending up in the recipients spam folder, so definitely check that; or

    2. Your server’s mailer isn’t configured to accept multiple comma separated addresses.

    If it’s #2, a way around the problem is to send the message to each address one at a time. To do this you’ll need to customize your copy of DekoBoko. Go to line 520 in DekoBoko.php where you’ll see this:

    $status = wp_mail($to, $subject, $message, $from);

    And replace it with this:

    $emails = split(",", $to);
    foreach ($emails as $email) {
           $status = wp_mail($email, $subject, $message, $from);

    If that doesn’t fix it for you, let me know. And remember if you upgrade Deko Boko in the future, you’ll need to add these lines of code again.

    Mike T

  10. Jim January 24, 2010

    My mail server is a qmail toaster, and it handles comma-delimited addresses just fine when sent from mail readers like thunderbird and theBat.

    I added the code you suggested to send the e-mails indivually, and that seems to work.


  11. gamersroute February 23, 2010

    Hi. Sorry about posting on the old post.
    You were right; at the error says line 284. On the settings page it’s line 245 and 246.

    Maybe something went wrong when I imported the old DB to the new WPMU? Should I change any tables from wp_ to wp_1_ ?

    I can probably use other forms but with reCAPTHA and simple templates, I really hope to use Deko Boko with WPMU. It’s the best contact form so far.

  12. Bryan March 7, 2010

    I have installed Deko Boko on a fresh WordPress 2.9.2 site. At first all seemed fine, but when I went to test it, it failed. I can fill out the form, but it always gives me a “ReCAPTCHA error”, even when I type the puzzle correctly. In addition, despite saying that an error occurred and I should retry, I still get the contact email message. So it seems to be broken a bit in two ways. Is this plug-in not compatible with 2.9.2?

    My form:


  13. Mike March 10, 2010

    gamesroute – if you’re still out there, this comment from a wpmu user concerning my Shashin plugin may help:

    Please try making the same edit to line 39 of DekoBoko.php and let me know if that helps.

  14. Rupert Brown March 12, 2010

    Hi I had Deko Boko working before, but now I get the message:

    * Invalid Nonce

    when entering every thing correctly. Ive tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin, any other ideas?


  15. Buddy March 12, 2010

    Mike, I love your Deko Boko plugin! I want to include the “Name” and “Email” in the information which is sent from the form by email. I know it is in the “contact” info for the email that is sent but I would like to get the Name and Email data in the same group as the rest of the form’s data that is submitted. What do I need to change in dekoboko.php to get it to do that. In other words, if the form collects Name, Email, Address, City, ST. How do I get the name and email address to show up in the generated email with the rest of the data, even though it is obviously being used in the CC option for the customer. I doesn’t end up on the copy of the form info that is emailed to us for some reason and we didn’t change anything on your sample-contact.php for the name and email fields. We just added more fields. Let me know what I need to change in the php to do this properly. Have a great evening!

  16. Rupert Brown March 13, 2010

    Ok so I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it works… weird

  17. Mike March 17, 2010

    Hi Buddy – sorry for the late reply. What you want involves only a minor code change. If you go to line 503 in DekoBoko.php, you’ll see:

    else if (!in_array($k, $headers)) {
        $message .= "$k: $vn";

    Just comment out the conditional, like this:

    // else if (!in_array($k, $headers)) {
        $message .= "$k: $vn";
    // }

    Then it will include the name, email, and subject in the message body as well.

  18. Buddy March 17, 2010

    Thanks Mike!! You’re the best and what an awesome plugin!!

  19. Norman April 12, 2010

    I use your plugin on my site, and I have come across a small issue. In the WP-Recaptcha settings I have it set to not require Re-Captcha for logged in users.

    If logged out, the form displays perfectly. The problem is when logged in.

    The first part of the form shows correctly. Then when you get to the Re-Captcha portion. The label for the Re-Captcha form is still showing, but since nothing is under it the “Submit” button overlaps the bottom of the label.

    I found that I removed the label completely then it looks correct when logged in, but the re-captcha form is also missing when logged out. So, removing the label completely will not work.

    Is there a way to clear the label when a user is logged in?

  20. Rachel May 11, 2010

    Hi, I’ve installed Deko Boko on my WordPress site and it looks good in Firefox and IE, but in Chrome the Recaptcha sits below its label rather than to the right of it. When I had Chrome open I noticed that it does this on your contact page too (on this site). Do you know if there is a way to change this so the layout matches other browsers, or is it just something weird about Chrome? I don’t have much experience with this, but I can’t figure out why Chrome is rendering the layout differently. thanks,


  21. Mike May 11, 2010

    Norman – sorry for the very late reply. It never occurred to me to have Deko Boko sync with that option in WP-Recaptcha – but now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense. I don’t have a quick fix for you though – it’s something I’ll have to plan for in the next version.

    Rachel – thanks for letting me know – I’ll try to look at this over the weekend. Chrome and Safari both have webkit under the hood, which is different from Firefox. I’ll have to do some testing to determine a cross-browser friendly solution.

  22. Rachel May 21, 2010

    Do you think I should submit a bug report to Chrome? I don’t know enough to figure out what the problem is, but I don’t see why it would be rendering the layout of the Recaptcha any different than the other list items.

  23. Kyaw May 25, 2010

    When I install reCAPTCHA and Deko Boko in WordPress 2.9.2. All are going well except the showing this message in the form page “Warning: stripslashes() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in C:Program FilesEasyPHP-5.3.2iwwwbpwp-contentpluginsdeko-boko-a-recaptcha-contact-form-pluginDekoBoko.php on line 629”. Then I went to the line 629 and change [$string = stripslashes($string);] to [$string = stripslashes($array);]. Then the warning message was disappeared. Is it right solution or not. Because I am novice in PHP.

  24. Scott Granneman July 3, 2010

    This is a weird problem with Post-to-Post Links II. If I have this in WordPress:

    [p2p type="slug" value="assignments-for-28-september-4-october-2009"]

    Then when the HTML actually renders, I get this:

    <a href=”blah.html”>Assignments for 28 September – 4 October 2009</a>

    But without any P elements around it! It’s just the anchor elements and the text – it’s correct, except that the P & kill P are stripped.

    However, if there is ANY text on the line with the Post-to-Post Links II, then it all works just fine, and the P elements appear.

    Any ideas?



  25. Hikari July 5, 2010

    Scott that’s because of shortcode_unautop filter. It’s a bugged filter that tries to fix some bugs from wpautop.

  26. Hikari July 5, 2010

    I’ve finally forked your P2P plugin, it’s working great! 😀

    Hikari Internal Links

  27. Scott Granneman July 5, 2010

    Hikari, you might as well have written in Ancient Greek. 🙂

    So, does that mean you can fix it? I can fix it if I comment something out? That it cannot be fixed?

    I’m not sure what you were saying!



  28. Hikari July 6, 2010

    lol search for these 2 filters to learn what they do 😛

    I believe you can’t use a shortcode around paragraph tags without disabling shortcode_unautop… You’ll need to disable the filter, or put some text before or after the shortcode so that those tags aren’t stripped.

  29. Stephen Sheasby August 7, 2010

    This seems to be exactly what I am looking for. However, whenever I make changes in the admin panel and save them I get these 2 errors. Is this something to be concerned about? In testing this it seems to work just fine.

    Warning: array_walk() [function.array-walk]: The argument should be an array in /wp-content/plugins/deko-boko-a-recaptcha-contact-form-plugin/DekoBoko.php on line 245

    Warning: array_walk() [function.array-walk]: The argument should be an array in /wp-content/plugins/deko-boko-a-recaptcha-contact-form-plugin/DekoBoko.php on line 246

  30. Mike August 22, 2010

    Hi all – my sincere apologies for disappearing for so long. Please see this post for an explanation, and to post comments/questions. I’m going to close this comment thread.

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