Koumpounophobia Now at WordPress.org

Koumpounophobia is a plugin for adding custom buttons to the WordPress HTML Editor, and it’s now available for download at wordpress.org. I also created a Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "koumpounophobia-wordpress-plugin".

I’ve made a few improvements with this version:

  • Now uses the jQuery plugin UI Dialog for controlling the modal input dialogs
  • Fixed bug with buttons for self closing tags that don’t use an input dialog (the button mistakenly tried to add a closing tag)
  • Simplified the HTML and CSS for the form input dialogs

If you made your own input dialogs based on the initial release, the HTML needed is now simpler. Please see the dialogs.html in the new version.

If you were using the initial release in conjunction with Post-to-Post Links II, you’ll want download a fresh copy of Post-to-Post Links II as well (not at wordpress.org yet, but it’ll be there soon now also at wordpress.org).

It still doesn’t work correctly in Internet Explorer 🙁 But I haven’t given up…

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