Shashin Support Mea Culpa

Shashin’s popularity has recently spiked, which makes me happy, but it’s also caused a spike in support requests (my last Shashin post has 127 comments). Until the start of this year, I had been diligent in providing support, but my day job recently has been seeping into my nights and weekends, significantly reducing my availability. It’s likely to stay that way for the next several months.

I started on some major enhancements to Shashin early in the winter – most notably flickr and twitpic support – but it’s been on hold for a while now. At this point, my guess is that it’ll be summer before I can get back to it.

Please use the comment section on this post for support questions. I will do my best to provide responses twice per week. I will most likely not be able to delve into problems that involve the particulars of your server configuration, such as problems with connecting to Picasa via curl for unlisted albums (as those kinds of issues can sometimes take hours to work through). But general usage questions and Highslide issues are usually easier to address, and I’ll do what I can to help out.

Thanks everyone for your patience, and please remember I’m doing this for free 🙂 (donations come in very rarely).

UPDATE: I just posted a minor update, version 2.6.3:

  • Shashin is now compatible with WP 3 beta 1 (WP 3 appears to automatically unserialize options, which was causing errors)
  • Added support for child themes
  • Can now uninstall and delete Shashin from the main plugin page (added uninstall hook for existing uninstall function)


  1. Derek (100 Peaks) April 18, 2010

    Hello, this plug-in recently stopped working. And I loved it!

    My WP photo page:

    My Picasaweb Page:

    WordPress 2.9.1

    Shashin Version 2.6.2

    Was getting the “failed to parse album” error, now I am just getting the “Shashin Error: unable to retrieve album photos” error. My page viewed fine just before.

    I was just resyncing it when it started acting up. I re-entered my login info on the admin page and then deleted and re-added album on the Tools page.

    Host should have cURL, no problem, especially since it was working for months.



  2. Mike April 18, 2010

    Hi Derek – Try removing your Picasa username and password from the Shashin settings page. This will make Shashin use the Snoopy library that comes with WP (instead of curl) to retrieve your Picasa RSS feed. This may help with your connection problem. Then try to add or sync a public album.

    If that helps, and if you’re not using unlisted albums with Shashin, then we’re in good shape. But if you are using Unlisted albums, then you will need to include your username and password on the settings page, and we’ll need to troubleshoot your curl situation.

  3. Derek (100 Peaks) April 19, 2010

    It works now, thanks! I simply had to:

    Re-enter Picasa Login info in the Plugin page
    Re-add public album on the Tool page (it always was public)
    Re-insert album on my photo page.

    Re-serting my album into the page is what I needed to do to correct the second error above. Works like a charm, though I had to do trial and error to remember my past settings.

  4. Janne April 19, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    I made a comment on your previous Shashin post about re-syncing every 11 hours not always working. I can see now that if I click the video, when the re-sync is just about to happen (there’s something about wp-cron added to the URL, I forget what exactly) the video displays “This video is currently unavailable”. On subsequent visits, the video always displays correctly and there’s never a need to re-sync the albums manually. I can live with this, eventually the videos are in sync.

    I don’t know how the mechanism works, but to me it seems like if no-one visits the site between “the 10th and 11th hour” and the re-sync is triggered on a visit happening after the 11th hour, then during that visit the video is unavailable. Not a big deal, I just thought I’d let you know about it.

    Thanks again for a great plugin!

  5. Mike April 19, 2010

    Hi Janne- the WP cron service is not a true cron. Scheduled services will run “around” the scheduled time. WordPess itself runs only when someone visits a page on your site, so if you have a low traffic site, a scheduled service may run late, which is what seems to be happening in your case.

    If you’re up for editing some code, I can let you know how to edit Shashin so that it runs the sync more frequently, which could help prevent the problem you’re seeing. Let me know if you’d like to see the code changes you’d need to make.

  6. M Nederhof April 20, 2010

    Hi Mike,
    I’ve been using Shashin for over a year now, and am still enjoying it loads!
    Just a quick question, is it possible to control the number of albums displayed per page with the [salbumthumbs] tag?
    I’ve added so many albums, that the page is getting a bit too long…

  7. Khanh April 20, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    I just installed Shashin and I’m loving it.

    I was wondering if there was any future plans for a tag cloud, I haven’t found a single Picasa plugin which supports tags, which are native to Picasa.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with the day job.

    Best Regards,


  8. Florin April 23, 2010


    I’ve been running the plugin on a server with E_ALL error reporting, which was showing lots of notices. I’ve modified the code to check the variables existence before working with their values and repaired some out of range arrays.

    You can get the version i’ve been modified to eliminate php notices from here:

    It might be a good idea to include them in the next release, to help the people running site with E_ALL error reporting.

  9. Stvn April 26, 2010

    Hi there,
    I am new at WordPress and your plugin looks like my needs

    I’m not able to add albums !?!
    Link of my public pictures :
    Error message : That is not a valid URL for your Picasa server.

    Then i tried to changed the .ca for a .com
    Error message : ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to parse album feed.

    I tried to remove my Picasa username and password but that doesn’t work : It’s still there after i clicked the “save options”

    What should i try now ? Help 🙂

  10. Farokh Monajem April 27, 2010

    Installed your plugin.
    Configured as directed
    Left user name blank as suggested.

    Lots of public albums, but nothing shows up when I click on the icon in a post.

    Public Picasa profile:

    Thanks for responding in spite of your busy schedule.

  11. Farokh Monajem April 27, 2010

    Sorry about this. It all works now. Made appropriate changes under the Tools menu as well.

  12. Farokh Monajem April 27, 2010

    Is there a way of changing the background to black? The pictures are currently shown on a white background.

    Thank you again.

  13. Farokh Monajem April 27, 2010

    Again, figured it out. Thanks.

  14. Mike April 27, 2010

    M Nederhof: Shashin will paginate photos in albums, but not the album list itself, but it’s on my to-do list

    Khanh: Shashin does store the tag data, but I haven’t made a tag cloud for it yet. That’s been on my to-do list for a long time, but I never got around to it because no one ever asked for it. I’ll try to move it up the list, but like I said in my post, it may take a while for me to get back to Shashin development.

    Florin: thanks *very* much for doing this! Shashin 3.0 will be a significant re-write – I’ll keep an eye on the compile warnings.

    Stvn: it sounds like you’ve included your username in the URL on the Shashin Settings page – don’t do that. Put in just the server name, as the instructions say. So for you it would be just

    Farokh: sorry for not getting back to you sooner – glad you figured it out.

  15. Florin April 27, 2010

    There is another thing to keep in mind in the next release: the ability to completely customize the appearance of the albums list. For now I made a javascript to find an object and change the width:

    var allHTMLTags = new Array();var allHTMLTags=document.getElementsByTagName(“*”); for (i=0; i<allHTMLTags.length; i++) { if (allHTMLTags[i].className=="shashin_album") { allHTMLTags[i].style.width='155px';}}

    The normal way would have been to edit the php code of the plugin to do this, as the width is loaded with style=””, not in the css file.

    For the same reason, it would be a good idea to be able to have a custom shashin.css with top priority in theme’s folder. This would help those who customized the css while updating the plugin. They don’t need to remake the css with their options. Other plugins do have this option and it works great, you can customize your plugin appearance without interruption the upgrades.

  16. Stvn April 28, 2010

    Hi there,
    i did NOT included my username in the URL on the Settings page. The url “Your Picasa server:” is correct, and i still have this message : ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to parse album feed.

    And a little below that, there is a field for my user/pass. I try to empty that field but it’s not working, it’s coming back when i click the “save options” button

    Looks like my problem is coming from setUserAlbums ? Help 🙂

  17. Jason April 30, 2010

    Hey Mike,

    I’m running 2.9.2 and when trying to activate Shashin I get a:
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve not had a problem with previous versions…


  18. Mike May 3, 2010

    Florin – Shashin does let you customize the css – see here: I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with the jQuery – if it’s something beyond what you can do with a custom css file, please let me know.

    Stvn – thanks for clarifying. On the Settings page, use as the server, then on the Tools page, use if you want to load all your albums into Shashin. I just tested with your albums on my testing server. I got the same error you did when I had the username and password on the Settings page, but when I removed them and tried again, it worked fine. It took a few minutes because you have a lot of albums, but it did work. If it’s still failing for you, please let me know: 1. if it fails immediately (after just a few seconds) or if it runs for a while and then returns an error, and 2. whether you’re on a Windows server or a Linux server, and your PHP and mySQL versions.

    Jason – I’ve never had that error reported before. Try downloading Shashin again – maybe your copy got corrupted. If that doesn’t fix it, then please let me know whether you’re on a Windows server or a Linux server, and your PHP and mySQL versions.

  19. Florin May 3, 2010

    Sorry for the mistake; I’ve had some modifications to the thumb’s display and I could see i’ve lost them, but the only change I had in mind that could do this was a Shashin plugin upgrade, but as there has been a time since my edit, I might be wrong.

    If you go to you’ll see I am using a different size of the pictures in albums list, and I could see only 2 options to do that:
    1. to edit the plugin
    2. to use the present javascript which edits some elements to a smaller size

    This would be interesting to be done in a easier and better way not involving javascripts or plugin edits, but using either a setting in wp-admin or css file.

  20. Jason May 5, 2010

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the reply. I had previously tried re-uploading the plugin and setting overwrite on… and that didn’t work… So i instead fully deleted the shashin directory, re-uploaded, and it works. Thanks!


  21. Jason May 5, 2010

    Hey Mike,

    Me again. So the plugin is doing pretty well, but the short code for salbumthumbs isn’t working. The others are… for example:

    You can see where and how I’m using it over at It’s a site I set up for my sister as she does the appalachian trail.

  22. Mike May 6, 2010

    Hi Jason – “max” doesn’t work with salbumthumbs (yet). Since you’re showing just one album thumbnail, just use the number 1 instead. To control how the photos in the album are displayed after someone clicks the thumbnail, go to the Shashin settings page (where you can specify the desired number of columns, etc).

  23. Ronnie May 6, 2010

    Hi Mike,
    first of all, thank you for a really great plugin! Sadly I have some troubles with it on a site using WPMU + Buddypress for displaying some private picasa photos. After some time it looses all the settings in the admin area. The Shashin Settings all become blank/empty resulting in that there are no pictures on the public site. Then i have to re-enter all the settings and the plugin works again for a while. Any idea what causes this? Where are the settings stored?

  24. proutz May 7, 2010

    Hello Mike,
    Back again concerning the video sync problem, and the issue I had with the pictures in unlisted albums not diplaying.
    Finally I tested another plugin and this one displayed a more detailed error message, something about “curl ssl connection problem”. Don’t remember exactly.
    Since the beginning you asked me to check if curl was activated on the server, and according to PHP info it was.
    So I decided to test another internet service provider, and I’m very happy because shashin just works great now ! Video 10 hours sync, adding unlisted albums. Again, I find this plugin really great because it fits exactly my needs, and it just works great ! The only enhancement I would suggest is about displaying more detailed error messages.
    Thanks a lot for your work.

  25. Courtney May 8, 2010

    Hi Mike! Just a quick question. Is Shashin plugin compatible with Podpress plugin? Don’t want to repeat pass problems with incompatible plugins as I am Shashin dependent. Is there anywhere where the compatible plugins are listed.

  26. Lex Wind May 9, 2010

    Hi Mike!

    Your plugin is great! I love it! Just what i wanted!
    Only i’ve got a little problem :S.. And i cant figure it out!

    Hopefully you could help me!

    I made a wordpress template with Artisteer (maby that could be an issue)

    If you see my website you would see that the picture is moved out his box, in the albumlist-view aswell within the album..

    Strange enough there is no problem with the widget “Random images” (You can see it in the right widgetbox on every page except the Photobook)

    Hopefully you can help me and could you understand my problem (sorry for the bad English :S))

    Greetz! and keep up the good work! Lex Wind, The Netherlands

  27. Lex Wind May 9, 2010

    (oeps! wrong URL i ment !) sorry!

  28. Mike May 11, 2010

    Ronnie – currently I’m not offering support for WPMU. There are a number of differences from regular WP that I haven’t untangled. But WPMU is merging with WP in the upcoming 3.0 release, so we’ll see if that addresses issues like this.

    proutz – I’m glad you got it worked out. I definitely plan to improve the error messages – they’ll help me too, in providing support

    Courtney – I haven’t tested podpress, so I can’t say for sure. Although there are a lot of options in Shashin, it’s core functionality is pretty straightforward (converting Shashin tags to HTML markup) so I don’t see a huge amount of risk in trying it out.

    Lex – your WP theme is adding a margin to the Shashin images. You can override this by editing the Shashin stylesheet. First, read the general instructions here: Second, look for this in shashin.css

    .shashin_album img {
    border:medium none;

    under the “padding” line, add:

    margin:0 !important;
  29. Lex Wind May 12, 2010

    Hey Mike!

    Thanx for the response!
    The tag in the CSS file: margin:0 !important; worked for the albumlist!

    Only when i click on the album and see the thumbnails within the album i’ve got the same problem :S I tried to paste the line at other positions in the CSS file with no succes..

    Hopefully you could help me one more time 😀

  30. Mike May 13, 2010

    Hi Lex – adding the same line under “.shashin_thumb img” should take care of it.

  31. Lex Wind May 13, 2010



    Thank you verrrry verry much! 😀

  32. Shauna May 13, 2010

    hi Mike,

    Can you please direct me to the instructions on what the “clear” (right, left, inherit, etc) tab is about?


  33. Mike May 13, 2010
  34. Adam Jansch May 14, 2010

    Hey Mike,

    Nice work here with Shashin, got it all up and running on my website to display my photographic portfolio. One thing though… can you remove the blank lines at the bottom of the plugin’s main php files? Their presence can cause problems with the WordPress feeds, breaking XML validation, as described here: I had that problem and removing the blank lines in question seemed to solved it!

    Otherwise it’s all cool!


  35. Servant May 14, 2010

    First of all I need to say BIG THANKS for this awesome plugin! Your gallery here is just right – shape of thumbnails looks good, same here: BUT wherever I install Shashin I have always same problem with displaying thumbnails. For example here: – First problem I have is this bold border around thumbnail of single gallery. Then go inside and have a look what is going on there…:) I was trying to modify everything I could (any settings and codes i found) but unsuccessfuly nothing helped. Single pics in widget are ok. Should not Shashin works right after installation? What string need to be pulled there to fix it?
    Thanks in advance,

  36. matt schiff May 15, 2010

    I am trying to remove the white table border from my pictures. Can you tell me the css to modify?

  37. Servant May 15, 2010

    I found out something! When I use other themes my thumnails are ok! But when i use themes made with Artisteer 2 then I have this problem! So…, so far I know my theme is guilty, but which part of it? style.css? Maybe someone know exactly which line?…

  38. Servant May 15, 2010

    Finally i did it myself:) The problem was that every theme generated with Artisteer had different value for margin of images in style.css. To correct that i changed “1em” to 0em” here:

    .article img, img.article
    border: solid 3px #D1D1D1;
    margin: 0em;

    And everything is just perfect now:D
    Once more may God bless you for this plugin!:D

  39. Radha Krishna. S. May 16, 2010


    Am trying to put up a website for my newborn niece, and came across your (most wonderful) plugin – Shashin. I love it totally.

    However, greedy creatures that we humans are, I’d like to achieve just a little more. I’d like the homepage have a embedded slideshow in a loop mode with pictures from the picasaweb album.

    Shashin offers a mechanism to put up thumbnails of all the pics from an album on a page and then the slideshow pops up when the user clicks on a thumbnail.

    Is there a way I can use highslide for my purpose? Can you please help me with this? (You’d have helped me give my neice a wonderful gift!)


  40. Andrea May 16, 2010

    I’m trying to add an additional album I’ve just created, but when I use
    the “Add Albums” form on the Shashin “Tools” page and I paste the URL of this album (, nothing happens.
    There are just few pictures there and I’ve tried few times, but I’m still unable to see this album.

  41. Lex Wind May 16, 2010

    I had the same problem with my Artisteer theme but Mike told me to this:

    Your WP theme is adding a margin to the Shashin images. You can override this by editing the Shashin stylesheet. First, read the general instructions here: Second, look for this in shashin.css

    .shashin_album img {
    border:medium none;
    under the “padding” line, add:

    margin:0 !important;

    adding the same line under “.shashin_thumb img” should take care of it.

    And everything worked fine!

  42. Mike May 19, 2010

    Hi all,

    Adam – thanks for letting me know. I’ll do that in the next version.

    Servant – sorry for not replying sooner -glad you figured it out.

    Matt – If you edit the shashin stylesheet (see here ) and remove the padding from “.shashin_thumb img”, that should remove the white border.

    Radha – I’m planning to include that feature in an upcoming version, but currently I don’t have time to work on it 🙁 It’s a non-trivial project.

    Andrea – when you say “nothing happens” after you click the button to add the album, what exactly do you mean? Does the page reload with an error message, does it just hang with no response, or something else… ?

  43. Ramona May 19, 2010

    Thank you for always updating the plugin!
    I do not know where to place my question so I do it here.
    I upload pictures to picasa and use a shortcode to embed them via Shashin into my wp post (example: [simage=123,144,y,left,]. When I have a picture title set in Picasa I insert caption with yes. BUT: The title appears two times (I think one is alt tag). Is this a fault of Picasa or the plugin? What can I do to prevent double captions?

  44. Derek (100 Peaks) May 19, 2010

    Hey people, don’t forget to help Mike out by Donating on the Shashin home page! He’s said he’d be busy, but he is still responding to all the comments on this page! 43 so far since he said he couldn’t do it anymore.

    He’s helped us all out a great deal.

    You can donate here:

    I am just a happy customer, not affiliated in any way.


  45. Brano May 20, 2010

    Hi Mike, thank you for your great Plugin. 😉

    1. Is it possible to do a slideshow on front page for specific or random albums/pics ? (I don’t mean sidebar+widget)
    2. If you list your album with 100x pics, and it goes through more then 1 page, the “next” button shows next only. Is there a way how to set up “next/last/previous/end/start” with page numbers?

    Thank you

  46. Luckymascots May 21, 2010

    Is there a way to enable auto sync for all picasa public albums to display them on the WP blog (without manual adding)? Should I use some settings or make any changes in .php file?

  47. Ramona May 21, 2010

    I like to ask again: example: (featured posts numer 3)
    Post thumbs show the title of the picture 2 times. How can I modify shashin to have no alt-tag?

  48. Moritz May 26, 2010

    Hi everyone,

    I want to automaticly sync my Photoalbums more often. Not just every 10h. Every 30 minutes would be fine.

    This is because I upload Photos with my mobilephone to picasaweb and I want to show the picture just after I uploaded them, without using a computer and press sync myself.

    Where can I change the Timeframe for autosync?

  49. Mike May 26, 2010

    Hi all – sorry for my absence:

    Ramona – please give me a link to an example on your site. I looked around but couldn’t find one. This is something that I can help you fix – it’s almost certainly a CSS (stylesheet) issue

    Derek – thanks!

    Brano – 1. if I understand your question correctly, yes – see the documentation (I think the srandom and sthumbs tags are what you’re looking for) 2. on the Shashin settings page you can control how many photos per page, but the other features you describe are not available (not yet anyway -if there’s enough demand I can work on adding them)

    Luckymascots – in the comment thread on my previous Shashin post this came up. I looked into it and there’s no quick solution. I will try to include this in the next version.

    Moritz- this relates to Luckymascots question. The automatic sync only syncs albums previously added to Shashin – it doesn’t add new ones. I will work on this in the next version.

  50. tom May 27, 2010

    First, thanks Mike for such a nice plugin !

    I have issues getting it work with unlisted albums. I set picasa server as “”, set my picasa login and password. I always get error “ShashinAlbum::setAlbum – Failed to parse album feed.” when trying to add an unlisted album.

    Any clue on could be causing this issue ? I suspect the international picasa server perhaps ?

  51. Moritz May 27, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    it doesn’t metter that auto sync just syncs already added albums.

    I have one album into which I upload one photo every day. It is just supposed to sync this album more often than just every 10 hours.

  52. Mike May 31, 2010

    Hi Tom, version 2.6.2 contained a bug fix for supporting private albums on servers outside the US. If you have the current version, then I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve been meaning to set up my own account on a non-US server, but I haven’t had a chance to do that yet. But it is on my to-do list.

  53. Mike May 31, 2010

    Hi Moritz – there are a few steps to doing this – it involves a code change:

    1. On the Shashin settings page, select ‘no’ for ‘Sync all albums every 10 hours’ and then save. This will deactivate the current scheduling.

    2. Open Shashin.php, and go to line 146, where you will see:

    if (!wp_next_scheduled('shashin_scheduled_update_hook')) {
        wp_schedule_event(time(), 'every10hours', 'shashin_scheduled_update_hook');

    Change ‘every10hours’ to ‘hourly’

    3. On the Shashin settings page, select ‘yes’ for ‘Sync all albums every 10 hours’ and save. It will now actually run hourly.

  54. Xiawa May 31, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    How do I modify the code if I want to make thumbnail on sidebar unclickable?

    ps: GREAT plugin 😀

  55. Sebastian June 1, 2010

    Hey Mike,

    just like a few others here I get this error:

    ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to parse album feed.

    I don’t know what I am doing wrong. What can I do?

    I also saw in some posts something about picasa username and password. I can’t find anywhere where I have to type in those informations? Am I blind?

    Thanks for your help!!

  56. Shauna June 3, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    How do I create a line break between photos?


  57. Theo van Arem June 4, 2010

    Hey Mike,

    it’s a great plugin. I’m running wordpress MU and i’m wondering when there will be the fix of wordpress because it doesn’t detect new galleries.



  58. Andy Dean June 8, 2010

    Mike, I have looked at and tested numerous plugins to replace my current use of NextGen gallery. I am keen to integrate my photo managment with Picasa. Shasin does almost exactly what I want – great job.

    I am currently able to display a set of thumbs from a Picasa album (e.g. 6 columns, 12 photos in total) using the salbumphotos tag. I can set the number of columns and the total number of photos in the Shashin settings. If there are more than 12 photos, Shashin nicely paginates the thumbs. So far so good. However, when a user clicks a thumb, I want my lightbox slideshow to include ALL the photos from the album, not just the 12 thumbs shown. Is there a simple fix for this? Best wishes, Andy

  59. Mike June 10, 2010

    Hi everyone – sorry again for the late responses – I’ve had another crazy week:

    Xiawa – on the Shashin settings page, look for “Expanded image display” and select “Do not make thumbnails clickable”. However, this is all or nothing – it will apply to the sidebar and to photos in posts.

    Sebastian – on the Shashin settings page there are options for adding your username and password. I’d recommend trying with these both blank first. If that fails, try adding them. The presence of the username and password makes Shashin try to connect a different way to Picasa . Hopefully one of the two ways will work for you. If not, let me know.

    Shauna – you can make changes to the CSS stylesheet to add, say, a a top border to the table cells that contain the images. That may not be exactly what you want (as it would put a line above the first row of images too), but anything else would require source code changes.

    Theo – I’m waiting for the release of WP 3.0 to address WP MU issues. In 3.0, they’re merging the regular WP and MU codebases, and making a variety of other changes related to plugins as well. I’m waiting until 3.0 is released and stable before I start delving into it.

    Andy – Are you saying you want larger versions of the pictures somehow all at once? I’m not sure why you’d want that, or what it would look like. But if you’re thinking of something more like this, it’s already on my to-do list:

    (click the image)

  60. Geoff Garbers June 13, 2010

    Hey Mike. First off, thanks for the awesome plug-in. It’s really proved helpful.

    Something I would like to point out to you, although I’m fairly sure you’ve come across it already. In the plug-in, you mention that album thumbnails are fixed at 160px wide and high.

    However, I came across a blog post (admittedly, from a long time ago) that pointed out the fact that all photos seem to be available in different sizes – album thumbnails included (the blog post can be found at

    As a brief overview, there is a section of the URL (just before in the album name in my image URLs) that stipulates the photo size – “/s160-c/”. If that “/s160-c/” is changed to one of the supported thumbnail sizes (as mentioned in the blog post), then you are able to change the size of album thumbnails.

    I’ve had to make some modifications to the code in the meanwhile, so that I could support this on my blog, but I felt obliged to mention it, so that should you want to implement this in the plugin, then you have (perhaps), a little more information than before 🙂


  61. WebMidget June 14, 2010

    I have a problem with picture captions.
    In Picasa Web, the picture Caption can have more than two lines.
    When this occurs, the thumbnails appear broken on wordpress.

    I took a screenshot of how it looks:

    And here’s the generated source (I just replaced the actual image URL by “http://image_url”):

    <div class=”shashin_thumb” style=”width: 206px;”><a href=”http://image_url?imgmax=640″ class=”highslide img_3″ id=”shashin_thumb_link_3″ rel=”-1″ title=” – First Line.&lt;br / onclick=” return=”” hs.expand(this)=””>
    Second line.”&gt;<img src=”http://image_url?imgmax=200″ alt=” – First Line.&lt;br /&gt;
    Second line.” id=”shashin_thumb_image_3″ title=” – First Line.&lt;br /&gt;
    Second line.” height=”132″ width=”200″></a></div>

    Note the “&lt;br /&gt;” part in the middle of the alt and title attributes.

  62. Ramona June 15, 2010

    Hi Mike: Nice that you will help solving the problem. Here is an example: Look at “Test & vote”, digitale Bilderrahmen, 2 times: Philips PhotoFrame. Another one: Business & Web: Musik aus dem Internet; 2 times Fotoquelle: play at dawn.

  63. TIMIT June 22, 2010

    Hi Mike

    I publish picasa albums with private posts (password protected).
    The thumbnails are displayed perfectly.

    Do you see a possibility that a picture can be downloaded in a higher resolution (by right click)? The downloaded file should have 1300 pixels (the longer side of the pictures).

    Thanks for your feedback.

  64. Philippe June 22, 2010

    Hi, I just installed and started using Shashin. When displaying thumbnails, the black border on the right doesn’t display. I went through all settings, but cannot figure out why.

    Here is a post example:


  65. Zoltán Adamek June 24, 2010


    after I’ve updated to WP 3.0, the HighSlide in Shashin started behaving odd. Sometimes it seems to forget to set up the size for the picture, so I end up with something quite similar to this:


  66. Mike K June 27, 2010

    Mike, great job with this plugin! Saw that pagination for the Album Lists/Tables (not photo pages) was added to the list. Any ETA on this feature? This is huge for my website.

    Would be happy to give a donation if you could expedite this request.

    Thanks in advance!


  67. La Vita June 27, 2010

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for all the hard work you have devoted to this great plugin!

    Shashin makes working with Picasa Web albums a delight. I have one issue I have not been able to resolve: the expanded display image is limited to 432px x 324px.

    I’ve read and tried to follow all the instructions in the FAQ and these comments. I’m missing something obvious because your photos and others expand to a much large viewable image.

    WP 2.9.1
    Shashin 2.6.3
    Theme: Pellucid Dashed

    Here are my settings:
    Maximum image width for your theme: 760
    Highslide image size: 800
    Markup size: 640
    [salbumthumbs=pub_date desc,2,y,y,left]

    Thank you very much for considering my issue and taking the time to answer.



  68. Mike June 28, 2010

    Hi all – I’ll start with what has become my standard introduction – my apologies for the delay in responses.

    Geoff: the URL in the RSS feed for the album thumbnail is not the same as the ones for regular photos. It’s been a while since I looked at it, but I recall spending a fair amount of time investigating this – it can’t be requested in a different size like other photos. It doesn’t even reveal the ID of the photo used as the album thumbnail (if it did, then I could just use the regular URL for that photo, and pick a different size)

    WebMidget – I’ve never seen that happen before – did you put the line break tags in yourself, or are you saying they’re being generated (either by Picasa or Shashin) ? Whenever I get to working on the next version, I’ll see if I can reproduce this problem.

    Ramona – do you mean where it says Foto: Philips twice? I don’t see any markup that’s coming from Shashin here. That is, I don’t see any indication that you’re using my plugin in that post.

    TIMIT – I believe that is possible. If I remember correctly, the Picasa resolution limit for downloads is greater than for display. I’ll add it to the feature request list…

    Philippe – your theme has CSS settings that conflict with Shashin’s. See these instructions for customizing Shashin’s stylesheet:

    Then change .shashin_thumb img to look like this

    .shashin_thumb img {
        border:medium none !important;
        padding:3px !important;

    Zoltan – can you give me a link to a page where you see this happening (I’ll need to see the page’s code in order to troubleshoot) and can you tell me what web browser you are using? (name, platform, and version)

    MK – I’ll try to include this in the next version, as several people have asked for it. The problem is, with the demands of my new job, it’s hard for me to find the time. But I am trying to fit it in.

    Lynn – it looks like you’ve got some strange things going on with your theme (the sidebar overlaps the main content in my Firefox browser, and you’ve got some unusual javascript). Please try temporarily switching to a standard WordPress theme and see if that fixes the Shashin problems. If it does fix Shashin, then you need to find someone who can help you troubleshoot your theme.

  69. Ramona June 29, 2010

    Mike, I use your plugin, the shortcode is [simage=103,144,y,left].The HTML code is
    Foto: Philips
    This could be the reason! What do you advise?

  70. Kristoher Germain June 29, 2010

    i am having trouble with highslide firing when i click on the pics. Not sure if it’s some box that i’ve not ticked, or if another plugin is messing with it.
    i searched around for others having this problem, but could find a fix.


  71. Mike K July 2, 2010


    Would it even be possible at all to integrate a feature that allows an end-user to comment on a single photo in a gallery?

    Meaning, an end user would be browsing a gallery; clicks on the thumbnail to view it larger; at that point the user could opt to comment on that photo only; all end user comments could be displayed under the caption of the single image.


    Thanks, MK

  72. La Vita July 5, 2010

    Hi Mike,
    I did as you suggested and temporary switched to a standard WordPress theme. I reduced the thumbnail size; no longer overlap the sidebar. I still have the same issue: the expanded display image is limited to 432px x 324px.

    Perhaps it is my settings? Please see below:

    WP 2.9.1
    Shashin 2.6.3
    Viewed in Mozilla Firefox
    Theme: Pellucid Dashed

    Here are my settings:
    Maximum image width for your theme: 760
    Highslide image size: 800
    Markup size: 640
    [salbumthumbs=pub_date desc,2,y,y,left]

  73. Mauro July 6, 2010

    Hi, I’m a newbie in the wordpress world but I’m starting to be addicted to this world 😀 Anyway I found your plugin and I saw some demos and it what I need 🙂
    Anyway, like I saw in other posts, I have the error:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …/…/ToppaWPFunctions.php on line 468
    ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to parse album feed.
    My picasa account is italian and i’ve tried with other friends account but still the same problem… Don’t know if I can give an help/you’re very busy. I’m usic WP 2.9.2 and shashin 2.6.3.

    Regards, Mauro

  74. eri-senpai July 9, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry to bother you but if you have the time could you assit me?

    Well I have installed your plugin about a month ago all worked well.
    Today I wanted to add a new album to the list but I get the following error when I insert the following link:
    That is not a valid URL for your Picasa server.

    and then I tried this:
    That is not a valid URL for your Picasa server.

    It’s probably something stupid I don’t see if you could help out I would be truely greatful!

  75. François July 9, 2010


    I wonder if sashin is able to get geomarking information set in picasa for a given photo or album.

    May I hope?

    Thanks for your work

    WP 292 (WP 3.0 does not work for me)

  76. Mauro July 9, 2010

    eri-senpai: the error that you have to go to settings->shashin and change the server from to

  77. Abydos641 July 13, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    <3 the plugin immensely, it's everything I need to replace the lil flickr widget in Theme Foundry's Titan theme. However, I noticed a little weirdness when testing the widget.

    Highslide doesn't seem to work in chrome on a pc. We run chrome at home, and thought something was busted in our install, but when I checked it at work on a mac in Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome everything worked great. Even at home in Firefox and IE it's all beauty.

    The site is here:

    The widget is in the footer at the bottom of the page. I can debug it if need be, but I'd rather ask you first before I go stomping through Highslide.

    As a point of interest: Your Highslide examples on the site work great in all browsers, but the css for the enlarged windows appears to be different. I know I shouldn't upgrade Highslide independant of shashin, but do you think using one of the newer highslides might fix the issue?


  78. La Vita July 14, 2010

    Hi Mike,
    I may have solved my display size issue. I discovered when I upload the images using Picasa 3 and select Medium size (1024) the blog image displays at a reasonably large size.

    Does the uploaded size control the Shashin display size?

    I thought the display size is controlled in the Shashin Settings (when using Highslide).

    Please clarify or perhaps I’m not using the right settings?

    Thanks for a great product. Love it!


  79. Will July 15, 2010

    Hey Mike –

    Sorry to bother you, as I know you’re not getting paid for this. If I can manage to get Shashin working for me, I am planning to make a small donation for your efforts, because it looks like it’ll be a great tool for what I’m looking to do.

    I’ve just installed Shashin, and cannot get it to work. Here are the symptoms:
    1 – Under Tools: Shashin “Sync Multiple Albums” – I see no user names to select.
    2 – In that same place, clicking “Sync All” gets a “ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to parse album feed.”
    3 – Trying to manually add the album: “” results in the “ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to insert database record for album ID 2147483647. Possible SQL Error:”

    I’ve checked the picasa URL, and it’s set at:
    My username and password have been tried both blank and filled; neither has worked.
    I’ve looked at my WP database, and it doesn’t look like Shashin has added any tables yet – though I don’t know if that’s expected given that I’ve not been able to add any albums yet.

    I have both public and unlisted albums. Originally I had just unlisted, but started making some public in an effort to ease my use of Shashin. It hasn’t helped.

    I’m using:
    WP 3.0
    PHP 4.4.9
    MySQL: 5.0

    Thanks for your help, and I hope it’s not just some stupid thing I’ve missed and wasted your time.

    Much obliged,

  80. Allan July 16, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    I’m having the same problem as Patrick in an old 2009 post. Getting the error “ShashinAlbum::setAlbum – Failed to insert/update database record for album. SQL Error:”. My website is hosted at – Unix server, MySQL5.0, PHP4. I have the newest version of Sashin and WP installed. I added the following code you suggested to Patrick in the ShashinAlbum.php file and got the following back:

    array(1) { [0]=> array(32) { [“guid”]=> array(2) { [“attrs”]=> array(1) { [“isPermaLink”]=> string(5) “false” } [“data”]=> string(128) “” } [“pubDate”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(31) “Thu, 03 Jun 2010 20:49:01 +0000” } [“atom:updated”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(24) “2010-06-03T20:49:01.850Z” } [“category”]=> array(2) { [“attrs”]=> array(1) { [“domain”]=> string(37) “” } [“data”]=> string(43) “” } [“title”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(57) “18164_100816509950966_100000678526583_22585_7267921_n.jpg” } [“description”]=> array(0) { } [“enclosure”]=> array(1) { [“attrs”]=> array(3) { [“type”]=> string(10) “image/jpeg” [“url”]=> string(127) “” [“length”]=> string(1) “0” } } [“link”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(82) “” } [“gphoto:id”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(19) “5478652301909941090” } [“gphoto:version”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(1) “1” } [“gphoto:position”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(3) “1.0” } [“gphoto:albumid”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(19) “5478652086311384961” } [“gphoto:access”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(6) “public” } [“gphoto:width”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(3) “577” } [“gphoto:height”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(3) “504” } [“gphoto:size”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(5) “77514” } [“gphoto:client”]=> array(0) { } [“gphoto:checksum”]=> array(0) { } [“gphoto:timestamp”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(13) “1275598141000” } [“gphoto:imageVersion”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(5) “14807” } [“gphoto:commentingEnabled”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(4) “true” } [“gphoto:commentCount”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(1) “0” } [“gphoto:license”]=> array(2) { [“attrs”]=> array(3) { [“id”]=> string(1) “0” [“name”]=> string(19) “All Rights Reserved” [“url”]=> string(0) “” } [“data”]=> string(19) “ALL_RIGHTS_RESERVED” } [“exif:tags”]=> array(0) { } [“exif:imageUniqueID”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(32) “b8bb5890e3db00e6ba2e4a6fd1bc4889” } [“media:group”]=> array(0) { } [“media:content”]=> array(1) { [“attrs”]=> array(5) { [“url”]=> string(127) “” [“height”]=> string(3) “504” [“width”]=> string(3) “577” [“type”]=> string(10) “image/jpeg” [“medium”]=> string(5) “image” } } [“media:credit”]=> array(1) { [“data”]=> string(14) “All Renovation” } [“media:description”]=> array(1) { [“attrs”]=> array(1) { [“type”]=> string(5) “plain” } } [“media:keywords”]=> array(0) { } [“media:thumbnail”]=> array(1) { [“attrs”]=> array(3) { [“url”]=> string(132) “” [“height”]=> string(3) “252” [“width”]=> string(3) “288” } } [“media:title”]=> array(2) { [“attrs”]=> array(1) { [“type”]=> string(5) “plain” } [“data”]=> string(57) “18164_100816509950966_100000678526583_22585_7267921_n.jpg” } } } array(1) { [“5478652301909941090”]=> array(19) { [“photo_id”]=> string(19) “5478652301909941090” [“album_id”]=> string(19) “5478652086311384961” [“title”]=> string(57) “18164_100816509950966_100000678526583_22585_7267921_n.jpg” [“description”]=> NULL [“link_url”]=> string(82) “” [“content_url”]=> string(127) “” [“width”]=> string(3) “577” [“height”]=> string(3) “504” [“taken_timestamp”]=> NULL [“uploaded_timestamp”]=> string(31) “Thu, 03 Jun 2010 20:49:01 +0000” [“tags”]=> NULL [“enclosure_url”]=> string(127) “” [“enclosure_type”]=> string(10) “image/jpeg” [“fstop”]=> NULL [“make”]=> NULL [“model”]=> NULL [“exposure”]=> NULL [“focal_length”]=> NULL [“iso”]=> NULL } }

    I’m trying to add the following albums:

    They were originally listed then I deleted them, when I tried to add again I get that error. When I sync all it goes through but these albums or any that I have deleted do not come back. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  81. Mike July 17, 2010

    Hi all – sorry again for the long silence. I was out of the country on vacation for two weeks and then came back to a big backlog of work.

    Ramona – I looked again but I’m just not seeing any code from my plugin in your pages. Could you give me a complete URL for a page where you’re using Shashin. I’m spending time looking around but not finding Shashin code.

    Kristoher – the images on your homepage are working fine for me in Highslide (I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu). Did you find a fix already or are you still having a problem? Let me know what browser you’re using if you still have a problem

    Mike K – that would be a huge feature to add – not something I’m likely to have time for. I might be able to add something that would link to comments on Picasa, but I’d have to investigate what’s possible.

    La Vita – that’s right, Shashin can’t make the pictures bigger than what you uploaded to Picasa. Picasa will not show a picture at a scale that is larger than the actual size of the uploaded picture.

    Mauro – can you tell me what you did before getting that error? Did this happen when you tried to add an Album from the Shashin tools page? Was it a public album or a private one?

    eri-senpai – let me know if Mauro’s suggestion fixed your problem or not.

    François – Shashin can give you a google maps link for the location of an album, but it does not do this for individual photos. Last time I checked the rss feed for the photos didn’t include the location data, but it’s possible it’s been added recently. Next time I’m working on Shashin I’ll check.

    Abydos641 – I’ve tested Shashin with Chrome on Ubuntu but not on Windows. I’ll try to do this tomorrow and post a follow-up

    Will – something went wrong with your installation. The tables should be created when you activate Shashin from your plugin menu. I’ve tested Shashin in WordPress 3.0, but it was upgrading from a previous version of WordPress. So I haven’t done a fresh install of Shashin in WP 3.0. I will try this tomorrow and let you know what I find.

    Allan – let me see if I can re-create the problem in my installation. I will try to do this tomorrow and post a follow-up.

  82. Will July 17, 2010

    Hey Mike – thanks for the reply. I’m amazed that you are providing support at all for a product we’re not paying for! Any response is great.

    If you think I should do something else, please let me know.

    One other thing: when I first installed Shashin, I was getting the 500 Error when I was trying to access WP after it was installed. I found a fix online that had me create a PHP.ini file (i think that was the name off the top of my head) and added a line to increase the memory to 20 mb… evidently my hosts at run a little tight with the PHP memory. Adding that file fixed my problem, and I could then access WP-admin, including Shashin… So, maybe what I’ll try in the meantime is uninstall Shashin, and install again with my new PHP memory upgrade, and see what happens…

    I’ll also try to remember to post my findings here for you.
    Thanks heaps,

  83. Mauro July 18, 2010

    Hi Mike! It WAS happening with both private and pubblic albums but… I’ve just resolved the problem!!!
    I found that my provider where I was testing my website ( was allowing server to server connection to a limited list of domains for security reasons. But, if you ask they enable all connections… So I did and tried and…
    Try guys, try to write to your registers!


  84. Mauro July 18, 2010

    Fixed the problem to add the albums… Now I’v a second problem. Don’t know why but css & script of shashin and highslide are not loaded automaticaly in my web page. I’ve to add all them manually, included the configuration… I’m using WP 3.0 and a theme… Could be this last one fault? Thanks.

  85. Mauro July 19, 2010

    Found the problem of this last bug… Isn’t any plugin… Is the theme that I use 🙁 Looks like that no one js load… I think will be hard for me fix it. I’ll look for something new that I like too. Anyway, thanks.


  86. Robert Andrews July 20, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    I have just installed the Slashin plugin (2.6.3). I am using WordPress 3.0.

    Whenever I create a post and try to insert an image I get the following error message at the top of the dialog box and no images or albums are displayed.

    Warning: strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/venus123/public_html/ on line 310

    Thanks for you help.

    Cheers Robert

  87. SLiX July 20, 2010

    Thank you for this great plugin!

    * Here is a little fix for caption display (v2.6.3, “taken_timestamp” and “make” are joined):

    in ShashinPhoto.php, line 863:

    $caption .= $this->data[‘taken_timestamp’] ? date_i18n(“d-M-Y H:i”, $this->data[‘taken_timestamp’] . ” – ” ) : ”;

    should be [ note “)” position ]:

    $caption .= $this->data[‘taken_timestamp’] ? date_i18n(“d-M-Y H:i”, $this->data[‘taken_timestamp’]) . ” – ” : ”;

    * Very low “fstop” are not showed, I think they are rounded to “0” (like 1/3200 sec) so the test returns “false” (line 866)

    * Also, Canon (and other ?) seems to include “make” in “model” tag, so I get “Canon Canon…”. Maybe, “make” could be matched against the beginning of “model” to known if it has to be displayed…

    Thanks again,

  88. SLiX July 20, 2010

    Little mistake, it’s not “fstop”, but “exposure” …

  89. SLiX July 20, 2010

    Finally, I’ve patched my Shashin installation with the following code; so now, it stores exposure times as ‘1/n’ if value is between 0 and 1:

    in ShashinAlbum.php, on line 377:

    $new_photo[‘exposure’] = round($new_photo[‘exposure’], 3);

    is now:

    if ( $new_photo[‘exposure’] > 0 && $new_photo[‘exposure’] < 1 ) {
    $new_photo['exposure'] = '1/' . round(1/$new_photo['exposure'], 0);

    Thanks a lot,

  90. Will July 29, 2010

    Just an update – I uninstalled and re-installed like I’d thought of earlier, and that worked out.

    Thanks again man.

  91. matczar August 2, 2010

    Hi Mike,
    thanks for a very good plugin!

    I do not know whether this is a bug, but I discovered a recurring problem with the function ToppaWPFunctions: googleAuthenticate.

    I’m Polish, so I use address to access the photos. I discovered that the function googleAuthenticate unable to get the auth token, if the variable $server=’’ (what is the default value). After changing the $server=’’ auth token was obtained and, consequently, the album was added correctly.

  92. matczar August 2, 2010

    Oops, a small update. PHP session mechanism probably still remembered the auth token, because now what I said above does not work.

    Authentication is working correctly, if I set a in settings and if an album the address looks like this: In a word, everywhere I have set the “.com” domain.

    CURL Information libcurl/7.15.5 OpenSSL/0.9.8b zlib/1.2.3 libidn/0.6.5
    PHP Version 5.1.6
    Wordpress 3.0.1
    Shashin 2.6.3

  93. Charles August 11, 2010

    Hello Mr. Toppa,

    I’ve got a support question about Shashin. On the table of album thumbnails, how can I remove the album count on each thumb, but keep album titles and publication dates?
    Is There a way to edit the template of what displays on thumbs and on album views other than through the WP interface? I guess I’m looking for an editable PHP file that won’t be overwritten on updates. Thanks.

  94. Martin August 13, 2010

    I started with a curl init error so I contacted my web host and they stated they have turned it on and it should be set with PHP5
    Now I don’t get that error. If I don’t enter the login and password I get the public albums ok. If I enter the login and password in settings then I get the following error on public or unlisted albums. Thanks for your help.

    ShashinAlbum::setAlbum – Failed to parse album feed

  95. Roger Emerson August 14, 2010


    I really appreciate your work on Shashin. It’s saved me a lot of time and effort!

    One question: is it possible to use the thumbstrip feature in highslide (perhaps by editing the highslide_settings.js file) ? Ideally, I’d like to display just a single thumbnail from an album in my blog post and have highslide display a thumbstrip over the enlarged images.



  96. Mike August 22, 2010

    Hi all – my sincere apologies for disappearing for so long. Please see this post for an explanation, and to post more comments/questions. I’m going to close this comment thread.

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