Shashin 3 Beta is Here

I just uploaded the beta release of Shashin 3 to GitHub. All the features are done, so this is the version I will upload to after all you nice people help me test it (what would be especially helpful is if someone tried it on a Windows server, which I do not have). If you find bugs, please submit issue tickets on GitHub, or leave a comment here.

I am working on a major re-write of my Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "shashin-wordpress-plugin", so that it documents how to use Shashin 3, as there are several major differences from Shashin 2. I intend to finish this weekend.

A key thing to note for those who’ve been using the alpha version is that it will now upgrade and replace an existing Shashin 2 installation (you can no longer run Shashin 2 and Shashin 3 side-by-side). It will update your Shashin 2 database and there’s an option now on the Shashin Settings menu to turn on support for the old shortcode format.

If you are upgrading from Shashin 2, please follow these upgrade instructions:

  1. Deactivate and delete your Shashin 3 Alpha installation if you have one
  2. Deactivate your Shashin 2 installation
  3. Backup and remove the “shashin” folder from your plugin directory
  4. Download Shashin 3 from GitHub, and rename its folder to “shashin”
  5. Upload it to your plugin folder
  6. Click “Plugins” in the WordPress admin sidebar, to reload the main plugin panel (this is important, so that WordPress will be aware of the underlying code change before activating)
  7. Activate Shashin. This will trigger the creation of backup copies of your existing Shashin 2 database tables, and then a series of transformations on the live tables to make them Shashin 3 compatible.
  8. You’ll see an upgrade nag message telling you to go to the Shashin Tools menu to complete the upgrade – follow the instructions you see there


  1. smikwily October 17, 2011

    Getting the following when trying to access the Tools menu after activation of the beta:

    Call to undefined method ToppaFunctionsFacadeWp::enqueueScript() in /home/WEBSITE/public_html/wp-content/plugins/shashin/Admin/ShashinHeadTags.php on line 20

  2. smikwily October 17, 2011

    FYI – the page linked via the readme.txt is, which throws a 404.

    • Mike October 17, 2011

      Thanks for pointing that out – fixed

  3. Scott October 17, 2011

    Getting the same thing on mine. Just downloaded the latest from GitHub five minutes ago and running WP 3.2.1:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method ToppaFunctionsFacadeWp::enqueueScript() in /home/example/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/shashin/Admin/ShashinHeadTags.php on line 20

  4. Mike October 17, 2011

    Hi smikwily, Scott – thanks for letting me know. That function is in the version of Toppa Plugin Libraries at GitHub, but I had forgotten to push it to the version at Assuming that’s the version you’re using, it’s there now

  5. smikwily October 18, 2011

    That appears to have fixed it. Back to playing 🙂 Thanks for the response!

  6. smikwily October 18, 2011

    I don’t use my website for a lot of stuff, but I’ve always loved Shashin, as it allows me to share my pictures with family/friends who do hit my site. Thank you for bringing it back…

    Working a charm. Think it needs a few dropdown in the widget area (vs the “fill in the blank route for sizes, etc), but what you have works great.

    Thanks again.

  7. Scott Nath October 18, 2011


    I totally realize that the private albums must be a pain, but is it possible at all to add the “limited” albums in? I found that I could add them one-at-a-time if I include the auth id in the individual rss link, but I can’t add my whole picasa list of albums with an auth-id.

    I’d rather not add each album one-at-a-time.


    • Mike October 19, 2011

      Hi Scott – I forgot about the “limited” view. That would be easier to support. I believe the key is per user account (not per album), so I could add something to the settings menu that lets you store a key per user account in the albums you have in Shashin (since some people might have albums from more than one Picasa account). I’ll put it on the list –

      • Scott Nath October 19, 2011

        Thanks Mike, that’s great!

  8. Caracasa October 23, 2011

    Great work with the new version! Keep going.

    I have some minor issues with Highslide (persistent controls in upper left corner) and ran into the multi-site problem at first, before looking at the planned Features. 🙂

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