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A dragonfly in the Imperial Palace GardensA dragonfly in the Imperial Palace Gardens
A dragonfly in the Imperial Palace Gardens07-Jul-2010 23:14, SONY DSC-W55, 5.2, 18.9mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 100
NoMeansNo - Bumbershoot 2011 - Slave (half of song only)NoMeansNo - Bumbershoot 2011 - Slave (half of song only)
NoMeansNo - Bumbershoot 2011 - Slave (half of song only)04-Sep-2011 00:00
Last meal in Tokyo :-( some delicious ramenLast meal in Tokyo 🙁 some delicious ramen
Last meal in Tokyo 🙁 some delicious ramen08-Jul-2010 14:56

I just did something that’s a no-no with beta software – I added new features. I just couldn’t resist 🙂 . Shashin 3 now works with Twitpic and Youtube. To your right are a photo from Picasa, a photo from my Twitpic account, and a Youtube video I uploaded, all shown using a single Shashin shortcode. Here’s the shortcode:

[shashin type="photo" id="2655,1507,1453" size="small" columns="1" order="user" crop="y" caption="y" position="right"]

If you go to my Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "photo-albums", you can see my Twitpic and YouTube feeds now appear as albums, right alongside my Picasa albums.

Albums, photos, and videos from Twitpic, Picasa, and Youtube will all show up in the WordPress post editor’s Shashin media browser, so you can find and add them by point and click (so you don’t need to look up their ID numbers or even type the shortcode).

In your WordPress admin, on the Shashin Tools page, expand the “Examples” section to see how to add Twitpic and Youtube feeds. Youtube doesn’t advertise the existence of their feeds, but they’re there! In addition to a feed for your own account, you can get feeds for their most popular videos, trending videos, top rated, etc and have Shashin automatically update itself daily. So you can do things like feature the current most popular Youtube videos on your site.

Another change I made is photos will now scale to the size you indicate. So if you want the size to be, say, 213 pixels, it’ll be 213 pixels (if it’s not a size available from the photo hosting service, Shashin will find the next largest size available and scale it down). I did this to accommodate showing photos from different services side by side, since they don’t all make their photos available in the same sizes. This also means you can now show album thumbnails in any size, cropped or not cropped (note I changed the size labels to reflect this, so a “large” album thumbnail is now the same size as a “large” photo thumbnail).

You can download the latest version from GitHub. If you already have Shashin 3 beta installed, please 1. deactivate it, 2. delete your current files, 3. upload the new files, and then 4. reactivate (you don’t need to uninstall the plugin – I renamed several files, so this is just to cleanup your Shashin files).

Assuming no major bugs come up in the next few days, I’ll push Shashin 3 to this weekend, and officially retire Shashin 2.

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