The new ElectNext site

Yesterday we launched a new version of the ElectNext site. With the election over, we’re expanding our focus beyond candidate matching, as explained on our blog:

…we will be developing a new suite of tools, far beyond the initial candidate matcher, so that we can help you discover, learn about, and act with, the people and political events that affect the issues you care most about — not just every four years in a national election, but in your neighborhoods every day… Our destination is a more informed and engaged democracy.

Jake did the design, and I did most of the implementation. We used the Twitter Bootstrap framework, and wrote media queries to make sure it looks good on all devices (and used Scott Jehl’s Respond.js to keep older versions of Internet Explorer happy).

…And I’m finally on the team page.

The new ElectNext site
The new ElectNext site13-Dec-2012 08:39

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