Post to Post Links II WordPress plugin update

I’m starting a round of revisions for all my plugins, and creating screencasts for them. I’m also gradually moving plugin support over to the support forums (instead of using comment threads on posts here). The forum system has become very good over the years, and it just makes sense to have the discussions be part of the broader WordPress community. So if you have a support question for one of my plugins, please post it there.

First on the list of updates is my Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "post-to-post-links-wordpress-plugin", which makes it easy to link to other posts in your site. The new version has several new features. Here’s the overview from its readme file, and the screencast:

It lets you easily create a link to another post, page, tag, or category on your site. With a dialog form that uses autocomplete to look up posts by title, it’s very easy to find your link destination. The link will automatically use the title of the post, page, tag, or category as the link text, or you can supply your own link text.

It generates a shortcode instead of an HTML link. This means your links won’t break if you ever change your permalink structure, or change the organization of your categories.

You can also specify a named anchor for the link, and enter any additional attributes you need (such as an “id” or “name” for use with javascript or css).

It includes a button for the visual editor to launch the dialog form for looking up posts. If you prefer the HTML editor, you can install my Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "extensible-html-editor-buttons-wordpress-plugin", and Post-to-Post Links II will use it to register a button in the HTML editor button bar.

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  1. Patrick February 11, 2013

    This is a very interesting plugin. I’m glad I’m subscribed to you or I wouldn’t have known about it. I think moving your support over to is a smart move. It will probably keep things more organized and less headache for you. I’ve had some very positive experiences with it. I’m currently a huge fan of your shashin plugin. I know google+ and picasa have been going through a bunch of change and I know it must frustrate you as well as the users of the plugin. Thank you for your continued tenacity and dedication to keeping it running. Folks like myself really appreciate the effort!

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