Talking to strangers causes train wrecks

I started attending the philly.rb meetups in the early Fall, and I did my first lightning talk last night (before the scheduled main speaker, anyone can come up and give a talk that’s 10 minutes or less). There’s a big debate right now in the Rails community on the “right” way to design applications. As a relative newcomer to Rails, I’ve been trying to find the right balance between leveraging my previous experience and habits from working in other languages and frameworks, vs. the opportunities Rails provides to approach application design in a different way (the “Rails way”).

My talk takes a look at one aspect of that debate – how to apply the Law of Demeter to Rails development. I’ve given many long talks before – this was my first short one. It was actually harder, especially since I delved into theory, but it went well. I was going to write a summary this morning, but @trevmex already did.

Here are my slides (direct link):

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