Deko Boko 1.2 Available

Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "deko-boko-wordpress-plugin". You can add any optional or required fields you want to the contact form, simply using HTML. It includes a “CC Me” option, it uses reCAPTCHA for handling spam, and it protects against XSS and email header injection attacks.

New in version 1.2:

  • You can have Deko Boko load its stylesheet only on pages where you use the Deko Boko contact form, so it won’t be loaded unnecessarily on other pages.
  • Localization support: a dekoboko.pot file is included to enable translations to other languages.
  • If you want to make a custom contact form, a template is included to get you started.
  • If you want to customize the dekoboko.css stylesheet, you can place it in your active theme folder, and Deko Boko will find it there (that way you won’t lose your stylesheet customizations when upgrading Deko Boko).
  • Uninstall option.
  • Uses a nonce field for additional security.

You can download Deko Boko from

Important note to upgraders: you will need to deactivate and then reactivate Deko Boko after you upload the new files. Also, the contact form now uses a nonce field for additional security. If you have made your own contact form template, you will need to add a nonce hidden input field, like this:

<?php wp_nonce_field('dekoboko_nonce', 'dekoboko_nonce'); ?>

Update 5/12: I’ve released a bug fix, version 1.2.1. It fixes an installation bug: Deko Boko wasn’t installing properly if you didn’t already have the WP-reCAPTCHA plugin installed. It will now install correctly with or without WP-reCAPTCHA already installed.


  1. Jan Dembowski May 9, 2009

    Deko Boku is a great plugin, but with 1.2 I was not able to get it working unless I installed and configured WP-reCAPTCHA.

    I don’t use WP-reCAPTCHA but wanted Deko Boku working…

  2. Mike May 9, 2009

    It should work without WP-reCAPTCHA, but I’ll test to see if there’s a bug (not this weekend though – Monday).

  3. Mike May 12, 2009

    Hi Jan – you found a bug! Deko Boko was failing to save the reCAPTCHA API keys if they hadn’t been set previously by WP-reCAPTCHA. I just uploaded version 1.2.1 to, which fixes this. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Jan Dembowski May 12, 2009

    Not at all! Thanks for the plugin 🙂 I’ll pull down 1.2.1 when it’s available.

  5. hawkwood July 10, 2009

    How do i change/set the “From” email address? It currently sends “from” an invalid address using my username@website. I tried changing the author, but that did not affect it.

  6. hawkwood July 10, 2009

    Nevermind, it was another plugin’s fault (overwriting wp_mail default functionality).

  7. Richard November 25, 2009


    I’ve recently installed Deko Boko which works great, but I’d like to include my contact form in my footer.php file, so that it appears on every page. I realise the usual way to include it is to simply write [dekoboko] in a post. That works fine, but does anyone have any idea how I might include the contact form in plain php/html?

    Cheers for the help!

  8. john February 11, 2010

    I installed your plugin to the wordpress account. the form will show up when I add the short tag “[dekoboko]” on the post. However, the form does not appears when I add the short tag on a page in wordpress. Can you please tell me how to resolve this problem? Thank you very much!

  9. Mike February 13, 2010

    Hi John – I haven’t seen that problem before. Can you give me the URL of the page?

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