Koumpounophobia 0.4 Now Available

Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "koumpounophobia-wordpress-plugin" is a WordPress plugin that enhances the HTML Editor in several ways, giving you new buttons, modal dialogs, and the ability to add your own buttons.

The new version 0.4 is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and 8. It also fixes the “scroll position” bug in Firefox 3 (the editor no longer scrolls to the top after you use a Koumpounophobia modal dialog). It’s available for download at wordpress.org.

Getting it to work with Internet Explorer took a lot of research, but in the end it required only a few additional lines of code. The problem was that IE would forget the cursor position in the editor when you used a modal dialog, causing your tag to always be inserted at the beginning of your post. If you do a search for “textarea cursor position” you’ll see a lot of electrons being spilled by others trying to solve this problem for their own projects. I’ll write a separate post on this, as the solution in many cases doesn’t require the dozens and dozens of lines of code that a lot of people are using.


  1. kristen October 4, 2009


    I installed/activated Koum… but don’t see it working.
    Help please.

  2. kristen October 4, 2009


    I should have given more info.
    I’m using WP 2.8.4 and don’t see any changes to the editor.

  3. kristen October 4, 2009

    oops problem solved. the buttons are under the HTML tab.

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