Minor Upgrades for Shashin and Deko Boko Available

This morning I uploaded minor upgrades for Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "shashin-wordpress-plugin" and Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "deko-boko-wordpress-plugin" to wordpress.org. The Shashin upgrade adds back the getAlbumList function I inadvertently removed in Shashin 2.3. It provides a non-widget solution for showing a Picasa photo album list in your sidebar. The Deko Boko upgrade offers new translations in Spanish and French, and fixes a small bug in the Settings menu (it would show English as the selected language even if you had picked a different one).


  1. Tobi June 21, 2009

    Thank you 4 the greate Plugin. But i have a Problem. I hope here is the right section for requests.
    On my Side there is no boarder on the right side of the Picture? An i don’t know why?

    Thank you for help!


  2. Mike June 21, 2009

    Hi Tobi – the stylesheet for Shashin is conflicting with your theme’s stylesheet. Your theme puts more padding on the images than Shashin is expecting (Shashin tries to set it to 3px, but your theme is overriding it to 5px). You have two options:

    1. In your theme’s stylesheet change the padding for “div.post img” from 5px to 3px (note this would affect all images in your posts)


    2. On the Shashin settings page, change “thumbnail div padding” from 6 to 10.

  3. Ton June 27, 2009

    Hi Mike!

    Why do i get this message “Shashin Error: unable to retrieve albums” in my main page? I do get the images in my widgets.

    Check out my photo page on http://www.machielsen.net/?page_id=611



  4. Mike June 27, 2009

    Hi Ton – It means something is wrong with the syntax of your tag. Let me know the tag you used and I can give you a more specific answer.

  5. Ton June 28, 2009

    Here’s my tag: [salbumthumbs=picasa_order desc,3,y,n,center]
    I’ll experiment a bit more and let you know (via Twitter) what’s happening.

  6. Nin July 1, 2009

    Hello, Mike.

    I very much appreciate your plugin. After so many installs and uninstalls of other Picasa-related plugins, your creation addressed my concern.

    Just one question, though. Does it properly work with other browsers, such as Google Chrome? I noticed that the “Next” option somehow appear underneath the table of photos. Such that after I view the last photo on a page, I can no longer move on to the next page. I tried modifying the shashin/display/shashin.css file, but the changes were only reflected on IE. I haven’t tested my site yet in other browsers, except Chrome.

  7. Mike July 2, 2009

    Hi Nin – I’ve tested in Firefox and multiple version of IE, but I have not tested with Chrome. But I did a Google search and found this:


    It looks like you added margins to the table caption and the next/previous links. Try using padding instead and see if that helps.

  8. SGS July 3, 2009


    Our Picasa account contains more than 100 albums. For some reason Shashin does not sync all albums. Only 69 albums are synced and available on the website.
    For testing purposes, this is the URL: http://picasaweb.google.com/sgsutrecht?showall=true#100

    Could you help me out?

  9. Mike July 3, 2009
  10. Nin July 5, 2009

    Oh thanks for the little research, Mike! I’ll go through the suggestions.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  11. Nin July 6, 2009

    Hi again, Mike.

    So, two posts in a row. I’ve just tried changing “margin” to “padding”, and it worked. The “Next” button now displays in Chrome. However, it is not clickable in the said browser. I tested it in IE, and the “Next” button functions properly.

    What could be missing?

    Feel free to check “…/?page_id=494&shashin_album_key=2” on my site for reference.

    I would really appreciate your help. 🙂

  12. Mike July 7, 2009

    Hi Nin – the link is fine in Firefox too. I checked all the HTML and CSS and they look fine. I don’t know why the link isn’t clickable in Chrome. You might want to try temporarily switching themes, just to see if the HTML or CSS in theme is affecting the link somehow in Chrome (there’s a combination of CSS from the theme and from Shashin that’s affecting the navigation links).

  13. Nin July 7, 2009

    All right, I’ll try that one. Thanks a lot, Mike! Really. I hope you don’t mind if I include you in my essential links. 🙂

  14. Jeanette July 8, 2009

    So, I love your plug in and am using it for my camp in Korea.

    But when I try to sync my picasa username this is the error message I get:

    ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to insert database record for album ID 5355298892670931281. Possible SQL Error:

    What does that mean?

  15. Ruud July 8, 2009


    Seems like with the new version I have the issue in combination with highslide that pictures aren’t opened when clicking on them. I only see “loading” all the time.

    I checked your page and you’re saying it could be due to Google Analytics plugin. I de-activated this plugin and tried again, but same happend.

    Any idea? Website is http://www.ruuddejong.eu.


  16. Mike July 9, 2009

    Hi Jeanette – on the Shashin Tools page, are you clicking the “sync all” button or the “add albums” button? It sounds like you’re clicking the “sync all” button, but this error message comes from the code associated with the “add albums” button, so you may have found a bug. Could you also try syncing albums individually (using the green sync buttons next to each album) and let me know if that works for you?

  17. Mike July 9, 2009

    Hi Ruud – your page is currently trying to load a javascript file for your Google Analytics plugin that it can’t find – http://ruuddejong.eu/wp-content/plugins/custom_se.js is missing or has an incorrect URL, so this may be causing problems for other javascript on the page too (like Shashin). You said you turned off your Analytics plugin, but the code is there and it’s still trying to run.

  18. Ruud July 9, 2009

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your reply!

    On what page did you find that js in the source – as I can’t find it at all. Was that on the first page, http://www.ruuddejong.eu?

    Note that I switched off the analytics plugin and refreshed the page to see if the problem was solved and it wasn’t. Therefore I enabled the plugin again. So it is correct you can see this code of you have a look at it now.

  19. Mike July 9, 2009

    Yes, it’s still there now, on your home page, near the end of the page, not in the document head. I recommend the Firebug plugin for Firefox – it can find these kinds of problems quickly for you.

    With your Analytics plugin, is it possible to configure it to ignore links to certain domains (in this case, ggpht.com)? That has worked for other people people using Shashin with Analytics.

  20. Ruud July 10, 2009

    Hi Mike,

    I de-activated the analytics plugin now, but problem still occurs. I’m not sure this has anything to do with the analytics plugin.


  21. Mike July 10, 2009

    Hi Ruud – I just spent some time studying your site. Through Firebug I’m able to trace it to an error “this.content is undefined” when clicking on a thumbnail. I have never seen this error before and I can’t tell yet what’s causing it. I don’t think this is a general problem with Shashin (I’m sure I’d be getting a lot of complaints if it was). Before digging deeper I’d recommend turning off all your other plugins, as there is still other javascript being loaded on the page (it looks like you have a mash-up plug-in of some type). There is probably some interaction with other code on the page that’s behind this problem. We need to isolate the cause before we can find a solution.

  22. Mike July 10, 2009


    i get ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to parse album feed. message when i want to add new album. What can be the problem?

    It was working perfectly, but now this interesting error.

    Tnx for help, Mike

  23. Ruud July 10, 2009


    Thanks for all your help, really appreciate it.
    I now de-activated all plugins except Shashin and strangely the issue is still occurring! I’m completely lost!


  24. Mike July 10, 2009

    Rudd – I guess I can’t blame someone else then 😉 Give me a day or two – I’ll try to figure it out this weekend

  25. Mike July 10, 2009

    Hi Mike – Sometimes when people report this error, it’s a temporary problem with the Picasa RSS feed. If you’re still having this same problem tomorrow, please let me know the URL of the photo album you’re trying to add, and I’ll test it.

  26. Ruud July 11, 2009

    Hi Mike,

    Really appreciate your help. Note that I activated the plugins this morning, site looked a bit funny without them.
    If you want me to de-activate, please mail me ruuddejong(at)ruuddejong(dot)eu. I will de-activate them straight away then.


  27. Mike July 11, 2009

    i tried to add album in diferent server with the same enviroment and it is workin fine. So it’s not the problem with picasa rss feed. i blame server. But desperatly searching for the solution. if you have any ideas what could be a reason for that please let me know.

    Tnx in advance!

  28. Mike July 13, 2009

    Ruud – I figured out the problem. It’s a bug in Shashin. In the Shashin settings menu, you selected “null” as the outline type. This isn’t working correctly and is causing the expanded image loading to fail. I’ll work on a fix, but for now, please select a different outline type and it should work.

  29. Mike July 13, 2009

    Mike – is it a Windows server? I’m currently working with someone else to debug a similar problem in Windows.

  30. Ruud July 13, 2009

    Mike, you’re the best! Thanks a lot for your time to get this issue fixed!

  31. Mike July 16, 2009

    It was Apache server and I couldn’t solve the problem, so I had to move the whole page to a different server.

  32. Jeanette July 16, 2009

    I still can’t get it to work…

    At first it was working fine on http://testblog.photogenetic.biz
    And just not on http://homeschoolfriend.com/camp so I thot it was the server’s problem.

    But now it’s not working on http://testblog.photogenetic.biz either.

    It was an “Add Albums” error message sorry. Not Sync albums. Now the albums show up even after I get the error message but my photos are not displayed.

    This is the error message: ShashinAlbum::setAlbumPhotos – Failed to insert record for photo ID 2147483647. SQL Error:

    I get it whenever I click on “add Albums” “sync all” or individual green sync

    Help….camp begins next week and I already made tutorials for tutors etc… 🙁

  33. Jeanette July 16, 2009

    for homeschoolfriend.com/camp I couldn’t even get any albums to be added.

    On testblog.photogenetic.biz – I got the albums to be added but the error message still appears. And when I click on the albums to view the photo keys…this is the error I get:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in E:wwwphotogenetic.biztestblogwp-contentpluginsshashindisplayadmin-edit.php on line 85

    Any help? Just thot I’d provide you with more clues. I’m abit lost.

  34. Mike July 16, 2009

    Hi Jeanette – I’m going to reply to you in email so we can work on this. There seems to be a bug with Shashin when its used on a Windows server, but I don’t have a Windows server to test on. For anyone else interested in this, I’ll post a follow-up comment after I (hopefully) resolve this with Jeanette.

  35. Mike July 20, 2009

    In regard to the issue Jeanette was having, there is a bug with Shashin 2.4.1 when used with the Windows version of mySQL. We weren’t able to isolate the bug however. Jeanette switched back to Shashin 2.3.5 and that worked for her. If anyone has a Windows server and is willing to help me work on finding the bug, please let me know.

  36. Krissi July 26, 2009

    Mike; I’ve also encountered problems after upgrading to 2.4.2:
    1. When I open an album that I’ve imported earlier, the list of images is blank: http://snuppa.krissi.net/shashin1.jpg
    When I press the column for Date taken, the images are shown ok: http://snuppa.krissi.net/shashin2.jpg

    2. When I try to import a new album from Picasa, I get an error message: http://snuppa.krissi.net/shashin3.jpg
    And whatever I do, I’m not able to view the images in the album, no matter what column I press: http://snuppa.krissi.net/shashin4.jpg

    3. Last: If I try to update any of the albums, I get this error message: http://snuppa.krissi.net/shashin5.jpg
    I see that others also get this error. I’m not on a Windows server.

    Should I go back to an earlier version? All this happened after I updated to 2.4.x

  37. Mike July 26, 2009

    Hi Krissi – I’m about to get on a plane – I’d recommend switching back to version 2.3.5 temporarily. In a couple of days I’ll email you, and if you have time, I’d appreciate your help debugging this, as I’m not able to reproduce these problems, but it seems like it’s affecting several people. Could you let me know your PHP and mySQL versions?

  38. Krissi July 26, 2009

    No prob, have fun on your trip and we’ll “talk” later to figure this out.
    PHP version: 5.2.9, MySQL: 5.0.81-community

  39. EJ Cruz August 26, 2009

    Update: I posted this elsewhere and just found the post by Jeanette. I am on a Windows server so I am assuming it’s a problem with Windows version of mySQL as you stated above. I am willing to work with you on resolving this issue.

    I tried to add an individual album and I am getting the error below:

    ShashinAlbum::setAlbumPhotos – Failed to insert record for photo ID 2147483647. SQL Error:


    Any help would be appreciated.


  40. Mike August 26, 2009

    Hi EJ – I’ll follow up with you by email so we can work on this. When we find a solution I’ll add a follow-up comment here for anyone who is interested.

  41. Laura October 27, 2009

    I also had the following error:
    ShashinAlbum::setUserAlbums – Failed to insert database record for album ID 2147483647. Possible SQL Error:

    and found it was because my wordpress was running on mysql4.0. As soon as I upgraded my database to mysql5.0, it worked.

  42. Laura October 28, 2009

    Correction for the above, it was actually the plugin “WP Picasa Lightbox” that was causing conflict. I deactivated this plugin and Shashin started to work.

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