Shashin and My Other Plugins Compatible with WordPress 2.8

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.8, and Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "wordpress-plugins" are working fine with it so far. The only problem I’ve noticed is the headers on the Koumpounophobia modal dialogs are no longer styled correctly, but the functionality is fine. If you notice any upgrade-related problems, please add a comment to this post.

And while I’m here: Shashin was one of five image-related plugins (out of the 285 available at listed in the Weblogs Tools Collection’s article Five Image Related Plugins for your WordPress Site.

(My blog has been quiet recently as I’ve got a big home renovation project going. I’ll post pictures when it’s done. I may not have the opportunity to blog much this month.)


  1. Felix June 12, 2009

    first of all thank you for the great plugin

    and i have trouble using

    i have sync a album and it didnot worl well as it wished

    and the err log like this:Shashin Error: unable to retrieve random photos.

    wish your help!
    and thx!

  2. AL June 16, 2009

    hey, Love your plugins! I was wondering if you are planning to develop a plugin for facebook albums too?


  3. Mike June 16, 2009

    Hi Felix – sorry for the late reply. It sounds like you’re having two different problems. Can you tell me exactly what error message you saw when you tried to sync an album?

    For the random photos error, can you let me know exactly how you typed the srandom photos tag? It’s probably a syntax problem.

  4. Mike June 16, 2009

    Hi Al – I don’t have any plans for other photo plugins at this time. Mainly because of the time it takes to build and maintain them (and because there’s almost no financial support – I average about 1 donation per 1,000 downloads).

  5. Ton June 27, 2009

    Hi Mike!

    First of all, thanks for the great plug-in. Now i’m just trying to make it work.

    I use this tag in a page on my site: [salbumthumbs=picasa_order desc,3,y,n,center]

    On my preview page i get this error: Shashin Error: unable to retrieve albums

    Checked my settings, they are ok. My albums are synced.

    Am i missing something?



  6. Mike June 27, 2009

    Hi Ton – I was just updating the documentation, and that example I added actually doesn’t work. Sorry about that. picasa_order applies to ordering photos, not to ordering albums. You can use pub_date, title, location, or last_updated for ordering albums. So you can try:

    [salbumthumbs=pub_date desc,3,y,n,center]

    I corrected the documentation.

  7. jordan June 29, 2009

    This is an awesome plugin! Thank you for making it available.

    One question for you: The thumbnail has a black border around it, but the image is not centered in that border. Can I find settings for that somewhere? Thank you!

  8. Mike June 29, 2009

    Hi Jordan – in the shashin plugin folder you’ll find display/shashin.css. It creates the black border and centers the image. But your theme’s stylesheet is causing it to shift to the left. Look for “.primary img” in your theme’s style.css. You’ll see it has margin-left set to -5px. You can either remove that (which will affect all of your site) or in shashin.css, under “.shashin_image img” add “margin: 0 !important” and that will override your theme’s style just for the shashin images. If you do this, save your customized shashin.css file to your active theme folder, and shashin will find it there (that way you won’t lose your customization next time you upgrade shashin).

  9. jordan June 29, 2009

    Mike, Thank you so much for your very generous help. All fixed now.

  10. jordan July 1, 2009

    Another question for you Mike. I’ve used the “sthumbs” tag to put 4 photos in a column in my most recent blog post. When I click on an image to zoom it in, it has the slideshow controller on it. Clicking on the forward or back arrow navigates away from my blog to a page with only the next photo on it. Is there a way to get rid of the controller entirely? Or am I just using the wrong tag to begin with? Thanks!

  11. Mike July 2, 2009

    Hi Jordan – I checked your site yesterday, and I saw the behavior you described (today it looks like you switched to using a series of single images instead). I’ve never seen that happen before, and I didn’t see any obvious problems with the code on your page. Could you try temporarily disabling your other plugins, and see if that helps? There might be a javascript conflict with another plugin.

  12. Jeff July 19, 2009

    Thanks for a super plugin…

    I am having a bit of trouble getting it to work properly. When I add an album to the sidebar via sidebar widget, I can see a single photo, but when I click this, it takes me to picasa and does not open highslide. I have the highslide option checked in ‘settings’, still goes to picasa. What have I done wrong?


  13. Mike July 20, 2009

    Hi JJ – see the “notes” section here:

    The limitation is that Highslide needs to have thumbnails displayed on the page before it can show them in its viewer, and there isn’t enough space is a typical sidebar to fit all of an album’s thumbnails, so the widget links directly to Picasa.

    The latest version of Highslide has a new viewing mode that gets around this limitation, and I’m planning to add support for it in the next version of Shashin.

  14. Ole July 20, 2009

    Dear Mike,

    I’m sorry to pester you with what is undoubtedly going to turn out to be pilot error. Anyhow, I’ve just installed Shashin (latest version running on WP 2.8.1) and have followed the instructions but for some reason I can’t get it to work. I am pasting the
    [salbumthumbs=pub_date desc,3,y,n,center]
    code straight into my page but when I publish and view the page, all I see is the above code.
    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks


  15. Mike July 20, 2009

    Hi Ole – have you added at least one Picasa album, on the Shashin Tools page, and did you make sure to activate it on your plugin management page? If you still have trouble, please try one of the other Shashin tags too and let me know if it works.

  16. Ole July 20, 2009

    Hi Mike,

    yes, there is an album activated (see screen grab here:

    I have also tried a whole range of different tags but I’m still not having any luck (here’s a link to the page I’ve been testing this on:

    Many thanks for any help,


  17. Mike July 21, 2009

    Hi Ole – I haven’t seen this problem before with Shashin. Could you try temporarily turning off your other plugins, and switching to the WP classic theme? Someone else reported a problem with a shortcode tag in one of my other plugins – the problem had to do with his WP Remix theme.

    If that doesn’t help, then on the Shashin admin page, could you click the link for the album you loaded, and let me know if its thumbnails show up on the photos admin page? Then we’ll know that at least the album and photo data itself is ok, and we can focus on the tag.

  18. Ole July 21, 2009

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve turned off all other plugins and have switched the theme to “Classic” but unfortunately it’s not made a difference.

    Clicking on the Album does loads the thumbnails (see screen grab here:

    thanks for your continued help with this,


  19. Mike July 22, 2009

    Ole- I’m going to email you so we can work on this more efficiently. When we’re done I’ll write a follow-up comment here for anyone who is interested.

  20. Mr. D July 23, 2009


    Your excellent plugin is surpassed only by your generous assistance here on your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

    Now that you’re buttered up, let me ask a question. 🙂 I set the max number of thumbnails to a number that is less than the total number of photos in the Picasa album. Is there a way to see the rest of the thumbnails? What am I missing?

  21. Mike July 24, 2009

    Hi Mr. D – it sounds like you’re looking for the salbumthumbs or salbumphotos tags, which show all the photos in an album. Check the Shashin documentation page –

  22. Mike July 24, 2009

    For anyone interested, Ole’s problem went away on its own for some reason. There was a report from someone else on the wp-hackers email list of shortcodes not working in some cases with WP 2.8.2, but so far no one seems to have pinpointed the problem. If you have a problem similar to Ole’s, post a comment and let me know.

  23. Nin July 28, 2009

    Hi there, Mike.

    Again, super thanks for your super cool plugin. 🙂

    I’m glad that it’s still compatible with WP 2.8.2. I noticed, however, that after the last page or the last set of photos in my recently uploaded album, the NEXT button still exists. When I click it, the following message appears:

    “Shashin error: unable to retrieve album photos.”

    The other albums contain more photos that this one.


  24. Nin July 28, 2009

    Hi again, Mike.

    I’ve just tried changing the setting to NO in the “Include in random photo display?” option. It’s now working properly. The Next button no longer displays and the error message as well.

    Sorry about to bother you about it.


  25. jonas July 29, 2009

    Hi. I am playing around with your plugin, and I can get the images to load, but I cannot get any controls for “next” “previous” “play” or “close” to display on the photos. Do you have a fix for this?

  26. Mike July 30, 2009

    Hi Jonas – it looks like you’re running a Google Analytics plugin – please see here:

  27. Jonas Mccracken August 2, 2009

    Mike, Thanks. This helped, and fixed the problem. Today I however am trying to sort the problem of photo shifting in their boarder, much like what was described by Jordan above. I tried the fixes you’ve described, but I cannot get the images properly centered within the boarder. Thanks for any advice you may have.


  28. Mike August 3, 2009

    Hi Jonas – I saw the photos in your sidebar and the borders look ok to me. Did you fix it already, or is the problem in a particular browser?

  29. jonas August 3, 2009

    Hi Mike, Yes I fixed the sidebar issue, but I was looking at adding the random photo galler to my “Photo Gallery” page on the website, and I still have issues with the images shifting to the right. I tried the fixes you meantioned for Jordan, but I still cannot get it resolved. Sorry for the bother and thanks for your help.


  30. Mike August 3, 2009

    Hi Jonas – your photo gallery page looks ok using Firefox on my wife’s Mac. If you can give me a couple weeks (when I’m back from vacation) I can give it a closer look in other browsers. In the meantime, if you’re handy at all with CSS, you could try the Firebug plugin for Firefox – it’s very helpful for tracking down the cause of these kinds of issues.

  31. Jonas Mccracken August 10, 2009

    Mike, Thanks for the response. I got the gallery working now. The only thing needed is captions. I can turn on the captions, with no problem, but I prefer the captions to remain off while in the thumbnail position and display only when selected for viewing. Can this be done?

  32. Mike August 12, 2009

    Hi Jonas – the captions are always visible in the expanded view. The y or n option in the tag is for whether to show thumbnail captions.

  33. Jonas Mccracken August 12, 2009

    Thanks. Mike. I think I have it all working now. Really appreciate it.

  34. EJ Cruz August 26, 2009

    I tried to add an individual album and I am getting the error below:

    ShashinAlbum::setAlbumPhotos – Failed to insert record for photo ID 2147483647. SQL Error:


    Any help would be appreciated.


  35. John September 5, 2009

    Hi Mike,

    I just finished updating my website to WP 2.8.4 due to the latest php exploit. I also upgraded Shashin from 2.3 to the latest 2.4.2

    There appears to be a problem with the WIDGET for Random Images
    I keep getting the following error:

    Shashin Error: unable to retrieve random photos.

    I know Shashin is working as I’ve fixed up my other photos on my site, some required a minor change in the syntax.

  36. John September 5, 2009


    I think the problem has been fixed, just needed to have the parameters for Max.cols and No. of Images with a value.

    All working.
    Thanks for a great plug-in.

  37. Patrick Barnes September 12, 2009

    I’m using your latest (awesome) version, but I’m having two problems:

    1. Shashin is not seeing the shashin.css I copy over into my custom themes folder at /themes/gorgeousdoodles. Firebug verifies that it’s still trying to pull from the /shashin/display folder.
    2. When I set a “class for thumbnails” or a “class for links”, save the settings and refresh my page, I don’t see the class in the source.

  38. Mike September 16, 2009

    Hi Patrick – sorry for the late reply. Both these features have been pretty thoroughly tested, so I don’t have any suggestions offhand (although I haven’t had much testing on Windows servers – is your site on Windows?). Can you give me the URL of your site so I can take a look? If you don’t want to post it in comments, you can send it to me through my contact form.

  39. Simon October 16, 2009


    I installed P2P II and Koumpounophobia today but so far have had no luck in actually seeing any new buttons on the editor. I’m on 2.84, and have tried IE 8, firefrox and chrome but nothing shows up, I’ve checked all the settings and all seems to be set up correctly. I don’t get any javascript errors, can you think of anything I should check?

    Thanks! Great plugins if I can get them to work!

  40. Mike October 16, 2009

    Hi Simon – Koumpounophobia adds buttons to the HTML editor only, not the visual editor. Are you using the HTML editor? P2P II currently only has a button for the HTML editor – adding one to the visual editor is on my to-do list.

  41. Aaron November 8, 2009

    I too am having trouble displaying albums on a page using: [salbumthumbs=to_show,max_cols,location_yn,pubdate_yn,position,clear]

    When i publish the page, I just see the code.
    You can see my test page here:

    I am using the random image display in the sidebar (see, and it works great. I use Highslide4WP, WordPress 2.8.5, and Atahualpa theme.

    Any suggestions?

  42. Aaron November 8, 2009

    NVM, seems to be working now…

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