Two New WordPress Plugins: Koumpounophobia and Post-to-Post Links II

Update: Koumpounophobia is now at and so is Post-to-Post Links II. I’ve updated the download links below.

I’m releasing beta versions of two new WordPress plugins: Koumpounophobia and Post-to-Post Links II. I’ll create documentation pages for them soon. In the meantime please see the readme.txt files that come with them for details. Here’s the overview:


Koumpounophobia is powered by jQuery, and enhances the WordPress HTML Editor button bar in 5 ways:

  1. It replaces the anchor and image buttons with new versions that provide input dialogs with more options (image width, height, etc.)
  2. It adds two new buttons: div and span, each with their own input dialogs (for class, style, etc. attributes)
  3. It lets you add your own buttons and create custom input dialogs for them
  4. It provides an API for other plugins to add buttons and custom input dialogs
  5. You have total control over which Koumpounophobia-based buttons will appear in the button bar

This is a beta release, and since it involves some fairly intricate JavaScript code, browser compatibility is an issue. In my testing so far it works beautifully in Firefox 3 and Google Chrome. It does not work well in IE 6, 7, or 8 (even without Koumpounophobia installed, the HTML Editor has some problems in IE8). I’d appreciate feedback on how it works in other browsers (please leave a comment on this post – let me know your operating system too).

If you’re wondering about the name, Koumpounophobia is a phobia of buttons. I learned about it because my 3 year old has a mild case of it (he won’t wear anything with buttons, and he won’t let you hold him if you’re wearing buttons). I thought the name was appropriate since there haven’t been any improvements to the WordPress HTML Editor in years – someone must be afraid of the buttons 😉

This plugin was a real challenge to create because the WordPress “quicktags” code that creates the HTML Editor’s button bar was not written with customization in mind. It has no hooks for runtime access. This is why so few plugins add buttons to the HTML Editor, while the Visual Editor, with its well documented API, is lavished with attention. Those of us who like to work directly with the HTML deserve some nice buttons too!

Download Koumpounophobia

Post-to-Post Links II

Using the Post-to-Post Links II shortcode in your posts and pages, you can create links to other posts, pages, or categories on your WordPress site. You use the ID number or the slug to identify the post, page, or category for your link. The link will use its title as the link text, or you can supply your own link text. See the readme.txt file for examples of the shortcode syntax.

It makes linking within your site more convenient, and it means your links won’t break if you ever change your permalink structure or re-arrange your categories.

This plugin was inspired by the Easy Post-to-Post Links plugin written (but no longer maintained by) Scott Reilly. Unfortunately though, it cannot interpret the old Easy Post-to-Post Links tags. Post-to-Post Links II uses WordPress’ robust Shortcode API, which is not compatible with the syntax Scott used in Easy Post-to-Post Links. (Update: but you can convert them – see here)

I’m releasing it at the same time as Koumpounophobia because it uses the Koumpounophobia API to register a new button for the HTML Editor. So if you want a handy button for its shortcode, install Koumpounophobia too. Or if you’re a plugin developer, it’s a good working example of how to add buttons to the HTML Editor using Koumpounophobia.

Download Post-to-Post Links II

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